At the College of Liberal Arts, psychology research is geared towards finding vital answers to the big questions in our modern research laboratories and clinics. Non Temple University students are also eligible to participate in our research.

Big Questions, Vital Answers

Our award-winning faculty is at the heart of our program. Nationally recognized scientists and practicing psychologists investigate how people think, feel and develop using state-of-the-art methods in behavioral and cognitive neuroscience, and clinical, developmental and social psychology.

The research conducted in our world-renowned laboratories addresses a wide-range of human conditions and behaviors. There are many opportunities for students to participate in faculty research or conduct independent study under faculty supervision. Read more about our faculty and labs in Big Questions, Vital Answers.

Psychology Research Laboratories

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The (psychology) field recognizes Temple as an elite program with a world-renowned faculty. Upon graduating it became very clear that I had received the training, experience, and relationships that would put me in a very strong position wherever I wanted to go next. I got the job I had wanted and now get to do what I love with the confidence in knowing that I am doing it with thorough understanding and expertise. - Muniya Khanna, Ph.D., CHOP Research Associate, Children and Adult’s Center for OCD and Anxiety Ph.D. 2004

The Honors program encouraged me to think critically and deeply about psychology. I was able to create my own research project with expert advice from the professor, the graduate students, and the very supportive lab group. With Dr. Hirsh-Pasek’s help, I found employment immediately after graduation. At some point, I may apply to graduate school. - Molly Finkel BA 2015

Temple University Clinics

Child and Adolescent Anxiety Disorders

Different treatments for anxiety disorders in youth have different success rates. Which treatments are more effective than others and for whom? The Child & Adolescent Anxiety Disorders Clinic (CAADC), where the Coping Cat program was developed, is always engaged in research evaluating the efficacy and effectiveness of treatment approaches for anxiety in youth. Our hope is that the research results will lead to a better understanding of anxiety and how to best help youth to manage it. We have been involved in several multi-site Randomized Clinical Trials evaluating anxiety treatments and we have examined the dissemination of our Coping Cat treatment in school settings. Philip C. Kendall, PhD, ABPP is director of the clinic.

Psychological Services

The Psychological Services Center, under the direction of Robert Fauber, is a nonprofit community center providing counseling, psychological services, and comprehensive psychological assessments. It serves individuals from Temple University and the surrounding communities. The PSC is a training clinic for the doctoral students in the Clinical Psychology Program, one of the top clinical psychology doctoral programs in the country. Among the faculty are leading researchers in the fields of depression and anxiety disorders.

Opportunities to Participate in Research: Non Temple Students

For those who are not Temple students, below is a list of research groups organized by the age groups of people that typically participate in their research studies. Please click the specific links for more information on current studies.

Infants and Young Children (1-4 years)

Older Children (5-12 years)