The College of Liberal Arts encourages psychology students to make the most of their college experience by getting involved outside the classroom. As a student, you can do so by joining the Psychology Majors Association or Temple University Psi Chi.

Psychology Majors Association (PMA)

The Psychology Majors Association (PMA) strives to provide opportunities for students to enhance the understanding and appreciation of psychology through a variety of social and professional activities that students would not encounter in the classroom. PMA creates environments where students can participate in volunteer work and field trips, learn about post-graduation options and furthering their career opportunities. We strongly encourage and assist students in networking and creating strong connections with faculty members in order to build their skills and develop the abilities needed to succeed in their respective fields. For more information, contact PMA by emailing


  • All students who are a psychology major, minor or simply interested in learning more about the field of psychology are invited to join PMA.
  • New members must pay a $5 membership fee for each semester, CASH ONLY.
  • Members are also required to attend at least three events per semester to continue membership (not including general body meetings).
  • Membership forms are available online and in Weiss Hall room 605 during scheduled office hours. They may be dropped off in our mailbox in the 6th floor mail room of Weiss Hall or to one of our executive board members during office hours.

Psychology Majors of Color (PMC)

Psychology Majors of Color (PMC) was established to support and retain undergraduate students of color who study psychology, neuroscience, and related areas. PMC aims to holistically enhance students’ academic experiences by 1) providing opportunities for members to learn about and participate within the field of psychology; educate members about the breadth of careers in psychology; and 3) creating a space for students of color to connect and network.


Members are required to attend at least three meetings/events per semester (6 for the overall year). For more information contact

Temple University Psi Chi

Psi Chi is the national honor society for psychology majors and minors. Its goal is to foster academic excellence and engage students in the exciting field of psychology. The Temple chapter of Psi Chi frequently holds relevant workshops and events so students can build their skills in the field, as well as their academic and professional networks. In 2016, Temple’s Chapter of Psi Chi was awarded the Ruth Hubbard Cousins Chapter Award for honoring the society’s purpose by applying and promoting excellence in psychology. For more information on Temple University Psi Chi contact


  • All members must have an overall 3.2 GPA, with a 3.5 within the major. Each member must have completed 9 psychology credit hours at Temple University.
  • Upon completing an application, place it in the Psi Chi mailbox (located on the 6th floor of Weiss Hall), then email to inform us that you have dropped off your application and would like an interview.
  • If you meet the requirements, you will pay a lifetime membership fee of $75 ($55 goes to the society, $20 goes to our chapter). The check should be made out to Psi Chi Temple.

Psychology Graduate Students for Inclusivity (PGSI)- Undergraduate Arm

PGSI is a graduate student group aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity in the Psychology and Neuroscience Department. The PGSI Undergraduate Arm connects with Temple undergraduates through various channels (e.g., RAs in labs, Psychology Majors Association, Careers in Psychology course) to encourage and support students from diverse backgrounds in our department. This arm also supports recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds to the Temple Psychology graduate program, including organizing summer and school year programs for undergraduates who may be interested in graduate school. Undergraduate students seeking mentoring from PGSI graduate students, should contact PGSI representatives at