Develop High-Level Critical Thinking, Wide-Ranging Analytical Skills and Great Writing

Our students learn to master large amounts of information, conduct in-depth research, contextualize evidence from a variety of sources and craft powerful written and oral arguments. These strengths are a foundation for lifelong learning, civic engagement and successful careers.

More Than Just Studying the Past

Using rigorous standards of evidence, historians tell meaningful stories about the past. In-depth historical study gives students important tools for understanding contemporary issues affecting their own lives as well as local, national and global events. The College of Liberal Arts Department of History includes over 30 faculty members, 400 History majors and more than 100 MA and PhD students. We train executives, lawyers, politicians, educators, preservationists and tomorrow’s historians. Plentiful regional resources and acclaimed research centers ensure Temple University a prominent voice in global conversations about the past.

Header Photo Credit: Lunch Wagon at Temple University” (1976) Courtesy of the Special Collections Research Center. Temple University Libraries. Philadelphia, PA.