Explore Latin America

Explore topics such as immigrant healthcare, Latin American music, and colonial literature.

Explore Latin America through a Multidisciplinary and Flexible Approach

Latin American Studies (LAS) offers a dynamic, multilayered, and flexible approach to learning about the cultures, languages, societies, politics, and economies of Latin America. Taught by award-winning faculty, our classes explore Latin America as a crucial global framework and as a strategic player, exploring pivotal issues in such disciplines as History, Sociology, Anthropology, Art History, Religion, Spanish and Portuguese, U.S. Latino Studies, Film Studies, Literature, Musicology, Political Science, Global Studies, Media and Communication Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Critical Race, Immigration and Diaspora Studies, and Africana and Africology Studies.

Our courses are offered in every Temple University School, College and Department. Though our triple focus on multidisciplinarity, academic rigor, and course flexibility, our students become bona fide experts on a range of issues in Latin America––experts who can powerfully contribute to cultural understanding, development, and cooperation, and as well as to a deeper historical, cultural, aesthetic and political analysis of the Americas and the world.

Latin American Studies Semester

The major and minor are complemented by intensive foreign language instruction and unique study abroad opportunities to prepare our students for their careers. For example, our students have the chance to participate in The Latin American Studies Semester (LASS) which has been offered every spring semester since 1973. An integral part of the LASS program is a two-week trip to Merida, Mexico in March, during which students are placed in local homes where the only language of communication is Spanish.