Our neuroscience degree program teaches students to explore neural and brain function at multiple levels in a rapidly growing field.

Our Mission

The neuroscience program in the College of Liberal Arts offers high quality education to students interested in the study of the nervous system and brain function. The primary aim of this academic program is to impart well-rounded training and skills in neuroscience that prepares students to pursue advanced degrees and career opportunities in research and education, health sciences, public policy/advocacy, business and law, scientific writing/publishing, and consulting. The neuroscience program is committed to increasing the diversity of the neuroscience workforce by training students who come from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. We believe that diversity is vital to attain educational excellence.

Customized Plan of Study

Our students study the neural basis of addiction, developmental disorders, ADHD, depression, anxiety, age-related disorders and much more. No matter what our students have planned for life after graduation—further graduate study in neuroscience, medical school or entering the workforce—our flexible curriculum allows time for classes outside of the major. As a student, you’ll get the well-rounded academic experience needed for your next stop.