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Faculty and students in the Cognition and Neuroscience Program are working on a wide range of research questions across the domains of cognition, perception, and neuroscience. Students in this program are presented with a unique opportunity for integrative work across a variety of perspectives. Many Cognition and Neuroscience faculty collaborate with researchers in other areas of Psychology as well as other departments of the university including Computer Science, Geology, and Marketing.

A list of faculty working in the Cognition and Neuroscience Program is given below. More detailed information is available on faculty web pages. In addition to pursuing a PhD in the Psychology Department, graduate students with neuroscience interests can also receive a Specialization in Neuroscience through the interdisciplinary Neuroscience@Temple Program, which includes faculty from the Biology, Pharmacology, Physical Therapy, and Psychology Departments. Students interested in pursuing research in decision making may wish to consider applying to the Decision Neuroscience PhD program which is jointly administered by Psychology and Fox School of Business. Last, individuals interested in pursuing a Masters Degree in Neuroscience, separately from our PhD program, should consider our 2-year degree: MS in Neuroscience: Systems, Behavior and Plasticity.

For further information, please refer to our FAQs below. For information on how to apply to the Cognition and Neuroscience Science program, please visit the Psychology Graduate Bulletin

For specific questions concerning the Doctoral Program in Cognition and Neuroscience, contact:

Director, Cognition and Neuroscience
Dr. Thomas Shipley

Cognition and Neuroscience Faculty & Research Interests