Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission

We are dedicated to develop and promote strategies and best practices to increase diversity, equity and inclusion within the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and across our field. We strive to promote inclusive research, scholarship and leadership by fostering a diverse and equitable educational experience.  

Representative Examples of Current Temple Psych DEI Initiatives

Faculty Education Initiatives to promote faculty knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusivity

  • Facilitated dialogues on Microaggressions, Fostering a Diversity Community

  • Faculty training on culturally competent mentoring by CIMER-trained in-house faculty. 

  • Faculty-only journal clubs 

Graduate Education Initiatives to increase the diversity and inclusivity of our student body. 

  • Changes to application processing including making GREs optional and offering fee waivers to students in groups historically underrepresented in science - apply for a fee waiver here 

  • Psychology Graduate Students for Inclusivity (PGSI) - graduate student run group

  • Creation of an LGBTQIA+ Affinity group for faculty, staff and trainees. 

Undergraduate Education Initiatives to increased diversity of undergraduates involved in research and promote incorporation of work from diverse voices in curricula

Community Initiatives to sustain and nurture connections with diversity communities in Philadelphia

  • Departmental Community Outreach Event, in which laboratories team-up with local community organizations for volunteer services. 

  • Brain Awareness Week Activities

  • Faculty-led research efforts to promote education outreach in collaboration with the local community, such as the Hirsh-Pasek group melding science into community spaces such as bus stops, grocery stores, and parks. 

To learn more about other Temple Psych DEI initiatives feel free to email the co-chairs of the DEI committee, Dr. Deepu Murty or Dr. Lisa Briand.