As a Criminal Justice degree student, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge needed to administer justice and affect change in the system—but you have to leave the classroom to make either happen. Temple University criminal justice students have access to exciting study abroad opportunities and other programs that get them exposure to real-world aspects of the criminal justice system. Students who need help financing their education can apply to a number of scholarship and financial aid awards.

The Inside-Out Prison-Exchange Program®

In Inside-Out (CJ 2701), “outside” Temple students travel weekly to a nearby state or local prison where they take a class taught by a Temple Criminal Justice faculty member along with a group of “inside” students. The program is an opportunity for everyone involved to explore issues of crime and justice behind the walls, in the hope of deepening and transforming the dialogue about these issues. More information can be found on the Inside-Out Center website.

ProRanger Philadelphia

“ProRanger Philadelphia” is an academic and technical skills training and paid internship program that is cooperatively administered by the National Park Service and Temple University. The program was established to recruit, train and employ law enforcement park rangers for the National Park Service. Upon graduation from Temple University and successfully completing the ProRanger program, participants are placed in a permanent career tenure law enforcement park ranger position with the National Park Service. For more information on the program, requirements and application details visit the ProRanger Philadelphia Page.

Criminal Justice Society

The Criminal Justice Society (CJS) is a student-run organization for undergraduate Criminal Justice majors and minors. One of the society’s main goals is to serve as a liaison between faculty and students during the academic calendar year. Currently, the CJS has an executive board consisting of a Vice President, Community Outreach Coordinator, Secretary and Social Media Liaison. The CJS holds events on campus that include conversations with some of the key social policymakers and social service providers here in Philadelphia. CJS brings real-world criminal justice experience and opportunities to Criminal Justice students.

Study Abroad Program

Temple students can study abroad in almost any country around the world through Temple programs, exchanges, and partnerships with external programs. Navigate through the Discover Study Abroad section of our website to learn more about the process, and explore our opportunities to find the right study abroad program for you.

Awards and Scholarships

View the full list of department and collge awards and scholarships for Criminal Justice majors on the Criminal Justice Scholarships and Finacial Aid page.