As a Criminal Justice degree student, you’ll learn the skills and knowledge needed to administer justice and affect change in the system—but you have to leave the classroom to make either happen. Temple University criminal justice students have access to exciting study abroad opportunities and other programs that get them exposure to real-world aspects of the criminal justice system. Students who need help financing their education can apply to a number of scholarship and financial aid awards.

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Criminal Justice Society

This student led organization is engaged in finding opportunities for fellowship among CJ majors in the pursuit of educational and career building opportunities. This may include trips to observe Criminal Justice related events and facilities as well as finding guest speakers to provide the benefit of their experiences in the field. Students plan and engage in service to the department and the community surrounding the university. They are also instrumental in organizing the CJ Career Fair. For more information please contact the CJS advisor, Dr. Cheryl Irons.

Criminal Justice Majors: Alpha Phi Sigma Honor Society

The goal of Alpha Phi Sigma is to honor and promote academic excellence, community service, educational leadership, and unity. This honor society is a certified member of the Association of College Honor Societies and is affiliated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Societies. For details and eligibility speak to our criminal justice advisor Kim Campanese.

Forensic Psychology Club

This club brings together a mix of students from all majors who share interests in a wide range of topics at the intersection of psychology and the law, including forensic assessment, criminal behavior, victimology, or investigative techniques, careers in forensic psychology or simply those interested in criminal television such as Law & Order, CSI, Criminal Minds, Forensic Files, etc. We host a variety of activities, experiences and guest speakers that expose students to various topics in forensic psychology, while creating a sense of community. For more information please contact the forensic psychology advisor, Professor Catresa G. Meyers J.D.

Study Abroad Program

Temple students can study abroad in almost any country around the world through Temple programs, exchanges, and partnerships with external programs. Navigate through the Discover Study Abroad section of our website to learn more about the process, and explore our opportunities to find the right study abroad program for you.

Temple Ignite Organization

Our organization is empowering the next generation of women leaders in legal, civic and political duty, as well as leadership in general. We welcome and support all young women to determine which issues are important to them in areas of criminal justice and social justice while conducting service to our community. We are seeking creative students to expand the scope of our activities.  Join us and help us build each other up! For more information please contact the ignite advisor, Professor Joanne Metzger J.D

The Inside-Out Prison-Exchange Program®

In Inside-Out (CJ 2701), “outside” Temple students travel weekly to a nearby state or local prison where they take a class taught by a Temple Criminal Justice faculty member along with a group of “inside” students. The program is an opportunity for everyone involved to explore issues of crime and justice behind the walls, in the hope of deepening and transforming the dialogue about these issues. More information can be found on the Inside-Out Center website.

The Law Enforcement and Government Service Club 

We help students identify and explore opportunities for careers with federal, state, and local government agencies, help with career planning for public service careers, and provide an opportunity to network with other students with similar interests as well as active duty public service personnel and agency recruiters. The club hopes to provide interesting insights into the world of public service, make students more competitive as they pursue internship and career opportunities, and help them reach their goals of entering the career of their choice. For more information please contact the law enforcement and government club advisor, Professor Douglas Green

Awards and Scholarships

View the full list of department and college awards and scholarships for Criminal Justice majors on the Criminal Justice Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

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