Faculty Publications

You can view a complete list of our Faculty Publications which includes faculty books, chapters and journal articles since 2010.

Areas of Research and Projects

Temple’s Department of Criminal Justice consists of an eclectic body of scholars committed to deepening our understanding of crime, governance and social justice. We emphasize inter-disciplinary and multi-method inquiries that make a difference to policy and practice. We pursue cutting-edge research and innovation that draws from and extends many strands of social science, including criminology and criminal justice, geography, history, experimental psychology, social psychology, social work, sociology, and social ecology. We explore critical issues in Philadelphia and across the United States in the context of global developments and concerns.

Our major areas of research, and some selected projects, can be found below.

The College of Liberal Arts 2020-21 Community Engagement Efforts

Center for Security and Crime Science

The Center for Security and Crime Science (housed in the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University) is the first center in the United States devoted to Crime Science. In the 21st Century, thinking about crime has expanded in scope to move beyond domestic concerns and security has become more broadly construed as dealing with issues of public safety and social harm. Crime is now the business of private as well as public agencies, formal as well as informal entities, all seeking to address multiple levels of security concerns.

The following list contains the centers’ full projects, research and results: