Inside-Out Center

Social Change through Transformative Education

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

The Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program® facilitates dialogue and education across profound social differences — through courses held inside prison, involving students from a higher education setting and incarcerated students. These courses ignite enthusiasm for learning — encouraging participants to find their unique voice and to consider how they can make change in the world.

Mission Statement

Education in which we are able to encounter each other, especially across profound social barriers, is transformative and allows problems to be approached in new and different ways. Inside-Out’s mission is to create opportunities for people inside and outside of prison to have transformative learning experiences that emphasize collaboration and dialogue, inviting them to take leadership in addressing vital issues of social justice.

Vision Statement

We believe that, by studying together and working on issues of crime, justice, and related social concerns, those of us inside and outside of prison can catalyze the kinds of changes that will make our communities more inclusive, just, humane, and socially sustainable.

Bridging the Gap Among Institutions

Higher education and corrections are among the most powerful institutions in the world today. Yet, both have limitations in their ability to foster just and humane social realities. Individuals in both systems can often feel alienated, objectified, and pessimistic about the possibility of social change.