image of Matheus Camossa wearing a tan tee shirt standing in his office

Matheus Camossa (he/him) interned with the Social Enrichment Center (SEC) in Media, Pennsylvania this summer. SEC provides direct care to young people utilizing evidence-based therapeutic and instructional strategies, as well as equipping caregivers with developmentally appropriate skills and strategies to build children and adolescents’ social competencies.

In Matheus’ internship role, he performed office tasks, such as uploading therapy sessions notes to the organizations database and assisting therapists with coordinating schedules. He also observed both group and individual therapy sessions led by a licensed professional.

Matheus said “it is amazing to experience a fun and professional environment where we, as interns, can learn a lot about conducting therapy with kids and have an impact on helping them. Many of them have some kind of mental disability and struggle. At SEC, we can help them deal with their personal issues and teach them coping skills so they can enjoy life. With the financial help from the Psychology Pathways Scholarship, I was able to do something helpful for my career during the summer and not worry about money. It was amazing to have the feeling that I am building my skill set for the future.”

image of Corson wearing a white dress shirt and red tie

Corson Searles (he/him) interned virtually with Game 7 Industries in Mankato, Minnesota. Game 7 Industries is an ice hockey skill development company that helps athletes achieve their hockey performance goals at any skill, level, and age.

In Corson’s internship role, he assisted the company with social media management, including creating original content and implementing marketing strategies that created more visibility for the company.

Corson said “I learned the importance of understanding human behavior and psychology when it comes to social media” and that the Psychology Pathways Scholarship allowed him “to help a smaller company that would otherwise have not been able to hire me.”

image of L Khan Phang wearing a green sweater

L Khan Phang (she/her) interned virtually with Citta Consultancy Psychological Services, a private organization that supports emotional and social intelligence for the local people of Myanmar in southeast Asia.

In L Khan’s role as an intern, she helped to facilitate a support group program in which she listened to participants’ stories, validated emotions, and provided advice that promotes healthy living.

L Khan reports that her Psychology Pathways internship developed her active listening and support skills, and she was able to relate the experience to her coursework in Temple’s Psychology program, which “has enabled me to understand clients’ situations more deeply and has reminded me to see beyond present circumstances.”