Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

This certificate is open to students in all majors across all Temple University colleges and schools. To enroll in the GIS certificate program, visit the College of Liberal Arts Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development in Paley Library, 1st Floor. No appointment needed.

Questions? Visit Liz Janczewski in 338A Gladfelter Hall or email guses@temple.edu.

+1 Accelerated Degree

Start the Professional Science Master’s in GIS in your junior or senior year! This program allows students to start pursuing a graduate degree in a high-growth field in their junior or senior year. The program is open to students in all majors who are interested in careers in data-driven decision making, spatial analysis and data visualization. This reduces the number of credits you need to take after finishing your bachelor’s before you’ll earn your master’s. Starting in their junior or senior year, students take up to four graduate-level courses during their undergraduate program. The remaining graduate credits for the PSM in GIS are completed in the year following the awarding of a bachelor’s degree. Graduate level courses completed during the junior or senior year may be used to satisfy major requirements, as appropriate. Students who enroll in their junior year may use up to 12 credits toward the PSM in GIS. Students will discuss which courses to take during their undergraduate program with the Assistant Director of the PSM in GIS.

Sample Curriculum:

Junior Year

  • Fall Semester: Graduate-level GIS elective
  • Spring Semester: Graduate-level GIS elective

Senior Year

  • Fall Semester: GUS 8065: Cartography
  • Spring Semester: Graduate-level GIS elective


  • GUS 5162: Advanced Statistics; GUS 8069: GIS Ethics and Professional Practice


  • GUS 8067: Spatial Database Design; Graduate-level GIS elective


  • GUS 8066: Application Development; GUS 9187: GIS Capstone

Application Requirements

Please visit the Accelerated Degree Admissions page to learn more about graduate program requirements, dates and deadlines and instructions on how to apply. Have additional questions? View our FAQ's

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