GIS is a High-Growth Field

The United States Department of Labor recognized geospatial technology as an emerging area forecast for faster-than-average job growth in the foreseeable future. There is a long history of geographic information systems (GIS) in public and regulated sectors: utilities, telecommunication and transportation. Given the large growth in spatial data being continually generated in the Information Age, there is now even higher demand for geotechnologists in the private sector as well. GIS has become a key tool to data-driven decision making across all sectors. Given the recent growth in geospatial technology, the demand for a highly trained workforce is soaring.

Professional Science Master’s (PSM) Affiliation

The Professional Science Master’s Association (PSM) is a professional graduate program that provides students with advanced training for a job in STEM-based companies, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations. PSM degrees are designed in partnership with employers to prepare graduates for real-world work environments. Faculty meet yearly with an advisory board of professionals in the field to ensure students in our program are learning skills that employers seek in the workforce. Learn more about our advisory board members.

The 30-credit degree program follows a year-long model for full-time students to provide an intensive experience for student-professionals seeking to re-enter the workforce quickly. Students are also able to complete the program part-time to ensure that working professionals are able to take advantage of this new degree program. All courses meet in the evening to accommodate working professionals. The electives allow students to specialize within their own respective areas of interest. All courses emphasize practical skills including scientific writing, verbal communication, presentation skills and critical thinking.

The culminating capstone course provides students with a research project or industry experience with an area employer, depending on their primary interests. Capstone placements are tailored to each student’s professional interests, skills and employment.