Geography and Urban Studies


Geography and Urban Studies students are equipped with the intellectual and methodological tools necessary to understand and address a wide range of environmental, economic, social and political challenges that are central to the well-being of billions of people in an urbanizing world.

Geography is the study of the interaction of people, places and the environment. Urban Studies is the examination of metropolitan life, processes and problems. How do different processes, from poverty to environmental quality, vary across urban spaces? How is place important to communities and the people that live in them? How do global processes impact cities, neighborhoods and residents? Our programs focus on teaching and research for social change using a range of geographic methods.

We offer a BA, MA, and PhD in Geography and Urban Studies. These programs combine interdisciplinary coursework, strong research skills, and technical training to prepare our students to address pressing issues in globalization, sustainability, and social justice. Our students land competitive, meaningful jobs upon graduation in non-profit, government, and private sectors.

Media Mentions

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via NBC on August 13, 2021

Philadelphia Heat Wave

Geography and Urban Studies Associate Professor Christina Rosan appears on NBC News to discuss urban heat islands.

Renter Protections Are Crucial to Achieving Climate Justice
via The Philadelphia Inquirer on August 12, 2021

Renter Protections Are Crucial to Achieving Climate Justice

By Sterling Johnson

Geography and Urban Studies PhD student Sterling Johnson argues that just planting trees isn't enough to offset the climate catastrophe.