Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Graduate Program

Factors of gender and sexuality have a multifaceted effect on both individuals and society as a whole. Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies graduate program students learn advanced knowledge about feminist concerns throughout history and into contemporary times. By studying literature and culture, graduate students build theoretical knowledge about feminist advocacy, develop analytical skills and gain a stronger understanding of gender identities. These lessons help graduates affect positive societal changes for all genders while increasing their ability to succeed in careers like education, media, politics, counseling and more.

Graduate Certificate Program

Students in the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies graduate certificate program acquire and develop methodological and theoretical expertise in the interdisciplinary field of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. The certificate can be pursued by graduate students already enrolled in a Temple University graduate degree program, or as a freestanding certificate by persons who are not enrolled in a Temple University graduate degree program.

All certificate students join and benefit from a community of graduate students and faculty committed to the study of gender and sexuality in a wide range of disciplines.

Certificate Offerings

Job Prospects

The GSWS Graduate Certificate is a credential that enhances students’ prospects in today’s highly competitive academic job market by signaling a demonstrated interest in and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Students are able to apply the expertise they gain in the Certificate program to their scholarly research and teaching interests. Many colleges and universities are looking for job candidates that can both teach mainstream courses in academic departments as well as teach courses that focus on gender and/or sexuality within those departments. All of these factors make the GSWS Graduate Certificate both intellectually enriching and practically useful.

Graduate Students

Students in the GSWS Graduate Certificate Program conduct research, teach courses, and work closely with faculty and students in their home departments and in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies Program.


For more detailed information about the graduate certificate including admission deadlines, the internal and external applicant application and instructions and contact information, please visit the GSWS Graduate Certificate Admissions page.