We connect students to internships that are meaningful to them and their specific Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies interests through our fieldwork course: GSWS 4389. The course is required for the GSWS Major, and open to all students in the GSWS program and throughout the College of Liberal Arts.

Take a look at some of the organizations where our students have landed internships!

Social Justice-focused Internships

Queer-focused Internships

Sex-Positive-focused Internships

Get to Know Us a Little Better

Take a deeper look at what our students and faculty have been getting up to, around the department and beyond! 

Study Abroad

What do gender, sexuality and women’s issues look like outside of the United States? Temple’s Study Abroad Office can help you explore this question through its Education Abroad programs and Overseas Campuses. Immerse yourself in another culture, and gain a world of experience that will expand your mind and teach you invaluable skills. Grow as a person, and build your resume at the same time.

Student Awards

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program has four annual undergraduate awards that honor academic and creative excellence in our students. The awards are acknowledged and celebrated by an annual formal award ceremony sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts for all undergraduate awards granted by departments in the liberal arts. Students invite faculty members to join them in their celebration, as well as family and friends. The event fosters the appreciation of both undergraduate academic achievement and mentor/student relationships.

For a complete list of departmental and college level awards and scholarships you may be eligible for, please visit the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

Student Organizations

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