Your career possibilities will be many when you earn a bachelor of arts in German degree from the College of Liberal Arts. So, make your declaration today. Need some more info first? Come visit us on campus, learn about our transfer opportunities and application deadlines and then apply!

What Can I Do with a Bachelor of Arts in German?

The B.A. in German is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree, providing students with concrete language proficiency skills and with the knowledge base and the intellectual, communication and interpersonal skills essential to success in any career.

Students of German at Temple University will learn in-demand communication skills in our increasingly complex and global society. Such language skills will contribute to an increased opportunity within international-based organizations and businesses. German language skills will open doors across many fields and professions: education, journalism, government service, nonprofits, business, travel and tourism, translation, the arts, public relations, health care, military, international law, and the sciences.

Further Study

You can enroll in Master’s or PhD programs in Germany, most of which are either free or comparatively inexpensive. Reading/writing ability in German also fulfills foreign language requirements in PhD programs in the US.

Expanding Your Horizons

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to read Nietzsche in the original German or to understand those Schubert Lieder you love so much. Or maybe you’re curious what the United States could learn from German-speaking countries and how they have dealt with (and continue to deal with) the dark chapters of their history or with issues such as terrorism, climate change, or migration. Learning German expands your horizons and allows you to encounter other traditions, perspectives, and ways of seeing, approaching, and changing the world. 


  • February 1: Freshman Application Deadline for Fall Semester
  • February 1: FAFSA Financial Aid Application Deadline
  • November 1: Transfer Deadline for Spring Semester
  • June 1: Transfer Deadline for Fall Semester