Study One of the Great World Languages and Leading Western Cultures

Temple University’s German program provides broad linguistic, cultural, and practical experiences to prepare students to participate meaningfully in the German-speaking world, be it in graduate school, government or business.

A Leading Economic Power in the World Community

The German-speaking national block is a leader in job creation, technology, innovation and creativity in the global arena. An education in German helps students achieve their learning goals, whether they want to engage in business with German partners, work in government, in media or participate in German culture. Our students develop skills in reading, writing and oral communication while acquiring a rich understanding of the literature, cinema, history and culture of the German-speaking world.

A Caring Learning Community

Temple University German students are part of a vibrant, dynamic and successful community within the greater university. A Temple German student has one-on-one access to faculty as well as other students interested in German language and culture. This interest can be explored through the Temple University German Society (TUGS) and contacts with the Greater Philadelphia German ethnic community like: the German Society of Pennsylvania, German-American Chamber of Commerce, Cannstatter V.V. and the Philadelphia German-American Committee.

German Program Overview

German is a major world language spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and in sections of other countries (e.g. Alsace) as well as in communities throughout the world. Whether you’re interested in economics, history, literature, music, theater, film, or art, German culture has a rich and exciting tradition.

German students develop skills in reading, writing, and oral communication as they engage with the German language through literature, media and arts. Advanced classes explore how culture and history shape German identities, providing students with an understanding of current German-speaking cultures through the analytical lenses of language, literature, cinema and history. German majors complete the program with an in-depth understanding of the history, cinema, art and culture of German-speaking people in a globalized world and with an awareness of how language shapes peoples’ cultures.

German Certificate Program

We offer a German certificate that provides students with a foundation in the language. It also introduces courses focused on conversation, reading and and composition. Students strengthen their ability to analyze and interpret the language and culture.


The department encourages students to apply for internships in a German-speaking country. There are several types of internships German majors have successfully applied to in the past.

Fulbright Teaching Assistantships: In the past 12 years, more than 10 students in the German Program have successfully completed a one-year assistantship in teaching English as a foreign language in a German-speaking country.

German-American Chamber of Commerce: Several students have participated in paid summer internships in Germany through the German-American Chamber of Commerce. Examples include Marta Sydoyak (2013) and Christopher Fry (2014).

Congress Bundestag Internships and Scholarships

German Professor’s Prize: This annual award is given by the Department of French, German, Italian and Slavic to the most outstanding members of the graduating class in recognition of excellence in German studies.

Past Recipients:

  • 2014 - Shelby Greenwood
  • 2013 - Marta Sydoryak
  • 2012 - Amanda Torre
  • 2010 - Nicole Kaminski

German Society of Pennsylvania: The scholarship award is intended to provide financial assistance to selected undergraduate students majoring in German language and literature. Awards are based primarily on the student’s achievement and promise, although financial need may also be considered. The average awards in recent years have been about $2,500, with the dollar amount and number of recipients varying from year to year. The awards may be applied only to tuition, are paid in two installments at the beginnings of the fall and spring semesters, and are transmitted directly to the recipient’s college or university upon certification of enrollment by that institution.

Delta Phi Alpha: German majors can also apply for $1,250-$2,500 scholarships awarded to seniors and juniors by the academic organization Delta Phi Alpha. Eligible students should be a member of Delta Phi Alpha, have demonstrated excellence in the field of German Studies, and intend to further their German studies with research and study abroad in a German-speaking country.

Outstanding Faculty

Small class sizes, innovative teaching techniques and technology allows faculty and students to build a close rapport that creates a favorable learning environment that enhances learning. Students are encouraged to interact with faculty, peers and visiting students from German-speaking countries and volunteer tutoring leads to success in acquiring greater proficiency. The faculty strives to help students develop their full German potential. Opportunities to study and work abroad and find a career path that utilizes students’ language skills will be developed and realized.