As a College of Liberal Arts Sociology undergraduate student, you’ll learn what Sociology is and how you can apply it to see the world and its people differently. You’ll learn the skills and knowledge you need to build a successful career through flexible coursework unique to your goals.

What Is Sociology Anyway?

Sociologists study everything that humans do together from sex to politics…

  • everything humans produce from families to cities…
  • everything that defines the experience of human life from birth to adolescence to adulthood to old age to death…
  • even national and international relations and the conflicts they generate…
  • including social movements and how they lead to social change…
  • as well as the implications of gender, race, sexuality, nationality and birth order…
  • and anything else that you can think of because we humans are—well—human!

What is more important is that in the process of learning about the obvious and not so obvious aspects of what people do with one another, you will acquire a concrete set of skills in data analysis, statistics, fieldwork, and research methods that will prepare you for whatever you choose to do for your professional future.

In other words, you will gain more than an insight into the mundane and complex features of the social life of humans. You will gain the analytical and comprehension skills that are at the heart of complex decision making no matter the social context.

Degree and Certificate Offerings

Additional Minor Track to Consider:

Accelerated (+1) Degree Programs

Flexible Coursework

In addition to excellent skills training, we offer courses in topics like:

  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Health & Medicine
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Media & Popular Culture
  • Religion & Society
  • Globalization & International Studies
  • Philadelphia & Urban Sociology

For more details, check out the sociology course catalog!

Academic Advising and Professional Development

Take full advantage of the College of Liberal Arts’ flexible curriculum with the help of our award-winning advisors. We’ll help you select a major or minor and graduate on time. Beyond academics, our advisors ensure that you have a rich experience at Temple by complementing your academic work with study abroad programs, internships and other experiential learning opportunities.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

At Temple, we believe that students from all walks of life should have access to an outstanding college education. If you need help paying for your education, you aren’t alone. Most students receive some form of financial aid to fund their education. About 69% of first-year Temple students receive need-based financial aid, and the average first-year financial aid package is about $15,000. Eligible students receive financial assistance from federal, state, private and university sources. Explore all available funding and apply early to make your college education an affordable experience.

Fly in 4

Take charge of your future and limit your debt. The Fly in 4 partnership allows you to complete your degree on time—or Temple will pay for your remaining coursework. Graduating on time means your path to success starts sooner. We provide you with the resources you need to graduate in four years, like academic advising and classes offered when you need them. You commit to doing what it takes to blaze your career path in four years.

Undergraduate Tuition

No Added Tuition Costs. That’s the promise the College of Liberal Arts makes (and keeps) to all of our incoming students. We know deciding to attend college is a big one, both in life and financially, so we're committed to keeping costs down. We're one of only three schools/colleges at Temple University that do not charge a tuition differential, so what you see is what you pay. Our priority is helping you graduate with less student debt. 

We understand that, at this phase, you are weighing all your options, and you should be! It's crucial to find the right fit for YOU and YOUR PASSIONS.

For more information, visit Temple's costs, aid and scholarships page and Temple’s tuition calculator. To see tuition rates for all Temple schools and colleges, visit Temple’s 2023–2024 tuition rates page.