Sociology Undergraduate Majors and Minors Association (SUMMA)

SUMMA is the official undergraduate association for sociology majors and minors. Its purpose is to promote interdisciplinary applications of sociology both academically and professionally, to promote awareness of sociological issues, and to provide a means for student involvement and public events for the benefit of the Temple Community. For more information, follow SUMMA on Facebook and Twitter!

Temple Sociology Graduate Student Association

The Temple Sociology Graduate Student Association is the official organization for master’s and doctoral students studying sociology at Temple University. They provide professional development workshops, social opportunities, and graduate student advocacy.

Global Women's Dialogue

Global Women’s Dialogue began as an organization in 2008. As a group, we are invested in women’s issues on regional, national, and global levels. Our organization is a safe space for a diverse group of Temple students to openly discuss women’s issues from different perspectives. Throughout each semester, the members of GWD meet weekly and work collaboratively in order to plan a diversity large event attended by upwards of 90 students. The event planners give a presentation on a chosen topic related to global women’s issues. Each Fall and Spring semester, we hold a campus-wide diversity event that includes both Temple students and faculty. Although our group focuses on global women’s issues, we encourage students of all genders, backgrounds, and disciplines to attend the semesterly events. Following the student presentation given at the event, the audience is then broken into small groups and the GWD members conduct a group discussion on the topics presented. Faculty members and sociology graduate students help the members of the planning group co-facilitate the discussion. Visit the Global Women's Dialogue website to learn more.