American Academy of Religion

The American Academy of Religion (AAR) is the major professional association of religion scholars and is closely associated with the Society of Biblical Literature. Graduate students in our programs are encouraged to join these organizations at reduced student rates. MA or PhD students are also encouraged to present papers or serve on panels at meetings; our department usually provides financial support for these endeavors.

Council on Graduate Studies in Religion

The Department of Religion is a long-standing member on the Council on Graduate Studies in Religion (CGSR). The council is a consultative body made up of over 30 preeminent institutions in the United States and Canada that offer a PhD in religion, religious studies or theology. Members meet once a year, usually concurrently with annual meetings of the American Academy of Religion and the Society of Biblical Literature. CGSR takes up a broad range of issues in graduate education in religion and theology.

Feinstein Center for American Jewish History

In collaboration with institutions in Philadelphia and beyond, the Feinstein Center invites you to join in on conversations about Jewish culture, politics, history and identity across time and space. Located within the College of Liberal Arts, the center offers fellowships for predoctoral and postdoctoral Jewish Studies scholars and holds events relating to the Jewish experience in America. The Feinstein Center also publishes books and articles.

Journal of Ecumenical Studies

The Department of Religion houses and edits the Journal of Ecumenical Studies (J.E.S.), the premier journal in interreligious conversation. Co-founded and edited by Leonard Swidler in 1964, a professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue at Temple, J.E.S is the first peer-reviewed publication in our discipline. Published initially as an intra-Christian endeavor, it quickly evolved to include Christian-Jewish dialogue. Eventually the journal expanded to include all the world’s major religions and ideologies, including atheism.

The Dialogue Institute

The Dialogue Institute (DI), based at Temple University, is associated with the Journal of Ecumenical Studies. The DI leads and sustains a movement of interreligious and intercultural dialogue within an academic setting and on a global scale. In partnership with Temple University’s Department of Religion, the DI offers graduate courses, independent study and opportunities to contribute original research toward interfaith dialogue. For more information contact the Dialogue Institute office. For more information contact the Dialogue Institute office.

Undergraduate Awards and Scholarships

View the full list of awards and scholarships for Religion majors on the Religion Scholarships and Financial page.

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