A Global Studies degree will prepare you to:

  • Understand complex global problems using tools from multiple disciplines, including economic analysis, social science and historical methods.
  • Communicate ideas about global issues effectively, through written work, oral expression and digital communication tools.
  • Look beyond local and national boundaries to see yourself as part of a global network.

To help students develop a global perspective, the Global Studies program offers support to students in areas including study abroad, internships and professional development.


Doing an internship is an increasingly important part of the college experience; they give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and to make connections in professional fields they are considering for career paths. We work closely with the Joyce K. Salzberg Center for Professional Development to help students prepare their application materials and prepare for interviews. Students can pursue internship opportunities in a number of ways:

View the map below to see some of our current student internships!

Language Immersion

Temple programs are available for students who want to go abroad and develop their language skills through an immersive experience. For those interested in German, programs are held in Hamburg, Leipzig, and Tübingen. For those interested in Spanish, programs are held through the Latin American Studies Semester and through Temple’s Spring semester is Oviedo. Students interested in French can study abroad through Temple at the Sorbonne in Paris for an immersive language experience. For students interested in other languages, Education Abroad has a number of partner programs that provide immersive experiences in Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Korean, and Russian.

Critical Language Scholarships are a summer opportunity through the U.S. State Department to learn languages essential to America’s engagement with the world. The CLS Program is a competitive scholarship opportunity, but Global Studies students have a proven track record of winnings these scholarships. We work with Barbara Gorka in the Office of Scholar Development and Fellowships Advising Office to help our students prepare their successful applications to study Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Indonesia, Russian, and Turkish.

Student Organizations

Stay connected and get involved with one of the student organizations popular with our majors!

The Global Studies Society is the official student group for Global Studies majors and minors. It serves as a hub for our students (and friends) to connect through social events, share opportunities such as internships, volunteering, and other resume-builders, and finally as an outlet for global conversation and undergraduate work. Learn more and sign up for the mailing list through OwlConnect.

Mundi is a student-run, undergraduate research journal created by the Global Studies Society 2019-2020 executive board. This is the first global-themed journal at Temple University. Mundi serves to showcase student research at Temple that is related to one of the three Global Studies tracks: Global Cultures, Global Economy, or Global Security. Learn more about the journal and explore past issues. You can contact the Mundi team to learn about joining the editorial board or submitting your work.

Temple Model United Nations works to help students address global issues through communication and teamwork in a professional environment. Model United Nations provides delegates an opportunity to work toward excellence through innovative thinking in conferences that emulate the real United Nations held year-round. Learn more about the organization through OwlConnect.

Temple University Undergraduate History and Social Sciences Association is a student organization that focuses on building relationships between students interested in history and the social sciences. They host a number of events throughout the year and publish a peer-reviewed undergraduate journal entitled Perceptions. Learn more about their organization.

Talks and Events

The Global Studies Program serves to foster excellence in learning about global issues at Temple University. Our interdisciplinary program brings together knowledge and experiences from across a dozen fields to address the critical issues of our day. We offer a wide range of events on cutting-edge research, timely issues, cultural narratives, and global careers through partnerships and collaborations with organizations and groups throughout Temple’s community. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay in the loop about our events.