English Major

Bachelor of Arts English students become reflective readers and strong, inventive writers. You’ll learn about topics ranging from Shakespeare to depictions of race in literature from distinguished and internationally renowned faculty. Like all College of Liberal Arts undergraduate programs, the English major teaches you how to think creatively and critically, cultivate social intelligence and solve problems.

An English bachelor’s degree not only prepares you for graduate-level study in English literature and other academic disciplines, but also prepares you for careers that include advertising, business, education, government and law. Our well-established internship program and a popular career seminar that prepares English majors for life after graduation.

The English minor is an excellent way to extend the breadth of your education and interpreting the rich history of American, English and global literature. Whether you plan to become a lawyer, a doctor or a social worker, minoring in English helps you develop strong analytical thinking and writing skills. As a result, you’ll have better leverage in your job search or in graduate admissions

Degree Offerings

Creative Writing Minor

The Minor in Creative Writing is designed to draw both majors and non-majors who are interested in cultivating their creative writing in a structured, focused program. Student focus on either fiction or poetry in a core sequence of three creative writing courses as well as electives in other creative writing genres or literature.

Certificate in Professional Writing

The certificate in professional writing allows you to focus on the skills and theory of writing. Powerful writing is an invaluable asset for people in all walks of life. This certificate is designed to give students training that will prepare them to be published communicators in a variety of professional environments, effectively use digital tools, skillfully convey field-specific information, productively collaborate with diverse teams and competently interact with cross-cultural audiences.

At the conclusion of the certificate, students will have assembled a portfolio of accomplished work. The certificate provides maximum flexibility, allowing students to focus on the specific skills and competencies that are most relevant for their chosen field.

Certificate Offering
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Hyphen Interdisciplinary Journal

Hyphen is Temple’s only undergraduate student literary magazine. Founded by Professor Jena Osman twelve years ago, the journal has published close to 400 fiction writers, poets and visual artists. We release a print magazine every spring and host open mic nights and other events to support Temple’s literary and artistic community. To get involved, please contact us at hyphen@temple.edu.

Please visit the Student Clubs & Organizations section of the English major webpage for information about Hyphen or contact us at hyphen@temple.edu.

Academic Advising and Professional Development

Take full advantage of the College of Liberal Arts’ flexible curriculum with the help of our award-winning advisors. We help you select a major or a minor and graduate on time. Beyond academics, our advisors ensure that you have a rich experience at the College of Liberal Arts by complementing your academic work with internships, study abroad programs and other experiential learning opportunities.

Fly in 4

Take charge of your future and limit your debt. The Fly in 4 partnership allows you to complete your degree on time or Temple will pay for your remaining coursework. Graduating on time means your path to success starts sooner. We provide you with the resources you need to graduate in four years, like academic advising and classes offered when you need them. You commit to doing what it takes to blaze your career path in four years.

Tuition and Fees

For more than 130 years, we’ve provided world-class educations at affordable prices. Compare Temple to other universities to see what we mean. Temple tuition rates vary by college or school, residency status, student level and more. Use the Temple Tuition Calculator to estimate your tuition rate.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

At Temple, we believe that students from all walks of life should have access to an outstanding college education. If you need help paying for your education, you aren’t alone. Most students receive some form of financial aid to fund their education. About 60% of first-year Temple students receive need-based financial aid, and the average first-year financial aid package is about $15,000. Eligible students receive financial assistance from federal, state, private and university sources. Explore your financial aid options and apply early to make your college education an affordable experience.

Temple Admissions Deadlines

  • February 1: Freshman Application Deadline for Fall Semester
  • February 1: FAFSA Financial Aid Application Deadline
  • November 1: Transfer Deadline for Spring Semester
  • June 1: Transfer Deadline for Fall Semester

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