What Can I Do with a Graduate Degree in Creative Writing?

Creative Writing MFA graduates’ books have been published by trade and small presses and cover all genres; their works have won grants, prizes and residencies. Many are now professors. Our graduates have gone on to become web content editors, journalists, copywriters, book and magazine editors, arts administrators, librarians, grant writers, primary and secondary school teachers and more, and have obtained jobs in advertising, public relations, and communications. College of Liberal Arts Creative Writing alumni continue to make important contributions to the contemporary literary scene.

Alumni Spotlight

Many of our distinguished alumni have gone on to great accomplishments. Read more about where our alums went after completing their degree.

A few more notable alumni from the MFA program who have published books of fiction and poetry include:

  • Emily Abendroth
  • Lisa Borders
  • Ryan Eckes
  • Alex Kudera
  • Teresa Leo
  • Pattie McCarthy
  • Meera Nair
  • Debra Leigh Scott
  • Mecca Sullivan
  • Magdalena Zurawski