Have a mind for macro and micro analyses? At Temple University, you can earn an economics degree that will teach you to think critically and logically about the economy. The College of Liberal Arts (CLA) has an Economics bachelors and a mathematical Economics bachelors while the Fox School of Business has its own economics major. Students can also get a head start on a master’s degree with the 4+1 program enroll in honors courses, explore research opportunities, prepare for graduate work or view more undergraduate resources.

Where Can a Major in Economics Take You?

Graduates with an undergraduate major in Economics, whether it’s the liberal arts or the business major, are prepared for a broad spectrum of jobs in business, economic consulting and government. Economics courses emphasize using an orderly way of thinking about and solving problems that arise from having to make choices in situations that are beyond an individual’s direct experience. The abstract reasoning skills that are practiced in economics are highly valued where choosing efficiently in coordination with others is important. Everyone has to have the same basic problem-solving approach and economic training provides that.

A major problem that companies face is having to earn at least enough to cover their costs. That means they have to have people at managerial levels who are focused on increasing revenues or decreasing cost. These managers need to be able to operate on their own using a common framework so that their decisions are compatible with those of others in the company. In business, that common framework is the economic decision-making framework.

Similarly, in government, managers are required to achieve as much as they can with their limited budgets. And economic consulting firms bring specialized problem-solving skills that are beyond the capabilities of individual companies or government agencies.

The Bachelor of Arts in Economics exposes a student to the economist’s way of thinking about social problems and behavior. The major helps a student understand the economic aspects of current events and public policy, and it’s a good preparation for careers in public policy, law and business. It also provides the essential background for study of economics and is designed for those who are planning for careers in economics, among other liberal arts fields as well as professional careers. Students acquire a general business background and get a specialized exposure to economics.

The Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Mathematical Economics program is a platform for systematic concentration in the mathematical approach to economics. This degree is offered in both CLA and the College of Science and Technology-CST. The mathematical economics curriculum provides a broad selection of courses that cover all important areas of economics and the mathematical tools required for a critical, deep mastery of these areas. This program is especially recommended for those students who intend to pursue graduate studies in economics

Degree Offerings
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Economics Major in the Fox School of Business (Fox)

The BBA major is offered to students who want to acquire a general business background in addition to specialized exposure to economics. Please review the Three-Year BBA Grid.

4+1 BA/MA Accelerated Degree in Economics

The Economics Department’s 4+1 program allows talented, motivated students to pursue an MA degree during their junior and senior years and to complete the degree with just one additional year of study. This program is ideal for students with strong economics and math backgrounds to hone their skills before applying to a top-tier PhD program or applying for jobs requiring advanced economic skills. Please review the Grid for the Five-Year 4+1 BA/MA.

To learn more about this accelerated degree offering, please visit the Accelerated Degree Admissions page to learn more about graduate program requirements, dates and deadlines and instructions on how to apply.


The Economics Department offers honors versions of two introductory economics courses:

Research Opportunities

Students seeking research experience may work directly with specific faculty members or through the Center for Regional Economics at Temple. Student interns perform research relating to economic issues in the Delaware Valley under the supervision of Temple professors and professional economists. Please visit the research and facilities page for information.

Prepare for Graduate Work

Economics is excellent preparation for graduate school, and is widely considered to be one of the best degrees for students interested in pursuing a professional degree in business or law.

Undergraduate Resources