Student Spotlight

The Q&A below features some of our outstanding current Economics students and their accomplishments. Read about some of our students and the diversity of options within the Economics major, internships and opportunities they are pursuing! 

Picture of Vineetha Mummadi

Vineetha Mummadi

Senior Mathematical Economics

Vineetha Mummadi is originally from Hyderabad, India. She is currently a senior studying Mathematical Economics with a minor in Computer Science and is a member of the Temple Women’s Tennis Team. She has also been a peer assistant for Microeconomics Principles under Dr. Shreyasee Das and a tutor in the Resnick Center for student-athletes. In her spare time, Vineetha enjoys reading books, running, and exploring cafés around the city.

Picture of Christian Riedl

Christian Riedl

Senior Economics Major

Christian Riedl is a Senior Economics and Accounting major. He has moved around many locations including South Africa, Germany, San Francisco, and Malvern, PA. He currently serves as a peer assistant for Macroeconomics Principles under Professor James Kelly. In his spare time, he enjoys rock climbing, skiing, and playing soccer.

Omicron Delta Epsilon (ODE) 

Omicron Delta Epsilon is one of the largest academic honor societies worldwide. It recognizes and honors outstanding achievement in Economics and creates closer ties between Economics students and faculty.

Students may apply for admission to ODE if they have completed at least 12 credits in Economics and a 3.0 gpa overall and in their Economics classes. 

Temple University’s ODE chapter, Theta of PA, was formed in the 1960s. Since 2018, it has cosponsored an annual Nobel prize lecture every October, in which an Economics faculty member explains the contributions of the laureates to Economics.

Economics Internship Opportunities

The College of Liberal Arts recommends all students pursue internships to gain experiential learning that rounds out the skills and knowledge they acquire in the classroom. Economics students have access to a wealth of exciting internship opportunities in and around Philadelphia that will benefit them greatly in their careers.

Economics Majors have access to internship opportunities through the Economics student organization, The Economics Society (TES). Information on TES is available on their website. You can contact them at:

Project-based Internships

Projects allow an intern to apply economic principles to everyday organizational and business problems. Businesses need to grow to survive and projects are a focused way to build the economic platform that ensures that growth and sustainability.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Internships

The economists from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (“BLS”) teach our interns all about the data and statistics collected and reported by the BLS. This includes data on unemployment, inflation and wages. Interns learn how to utilize and interpret this data and will create a research project and presentation based on BLS data. The BLS Internship meets once per week on the main Temple campus.

First Up Internships

First Up supports and advocates for Pre-Kindergarten providers in the City of Philadelphia. There are approximately 3,000 of these private Pre-K providers in Philadelphia. Interns will be trained by First Up to aid these Pre-K providers in creating operating budgets and in finding additional sources of revenue. Additionally, Interns can participate in research programs that support the lobbying efforts of First Up. The First Up Internship has regular meetings at their offices in Center City.

Temple Economics Society members with Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen (center) in Washington, DC. Pictured with the TES members are Temple instructors (and Temple Econ PhD students) Herbert Taylor (far left) and Christopher Swann (far right)

Economics Scholarships, Awards and Financial Aid

Economics degree and certificate students are encouraged to apply for some of the hundreds of scholarships, awards and financial aid opportunities made available by Temple University, the College of Liberal Arts and external sources. Click the link for your program below to explore options for saving on tuition relative to that program.