Temple Undergraduate Philosophy Society

Temple Undergraduate Philosophy Society (TUPS) is a organization at Temple University committed to the free and open exchange of philosophical ideas and resources. TUPS meets once a week on Temple’s Main Campus.

Pre-Law Studies at Temple

Pre-law students at Temple contine on to the best law schools in the US. They include Temple Law, NYU, Yale, Harvard and Northwestern University. All programs and departments at the College of Liberal Arts prepare Pre-Law students to score well on the LSAT.

Philosophy Research Services at Paley Library

The world-class philosophy resources at Paley Library support the learning, research and teaching needs of Temple students and faculty. Our resources include the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Oxford Reference Online and several major online academic databases devoted to the multidisplinary study of the humanities.

Fresh Philosophy

Fresh Philosophy is the Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium’s undergraduate online journal. It invites submissions from undergraduates and applications from prospective editors. Part traditional journal and part blog, Fresh Philosophy publishes philosophical writing by undergraduates from around the world.

The Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium

The Greater Philadelphia Philosophy Consortium (GPPC) is a nonprofit educational organization founded in 1980. GPPC includes 15 member institutions including Temple University and promotes philosophical inquiry into the vital intellectual and social issues of our day.

The Center for the Humanities

Temple’s Philosophy graduate students are well-represented at the Center for Humanities at Temple (CHAT), which offers grants and associate positions to faculty and advanced graduate students pursuing interdisciplinary work. CHAT works to bridge the divide between departments and colleges by promoting broad, humanities-based conversations that connect scholars from multiple academic fields.

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Center for the Advancement of Teaching

The Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) promotes the value and practice of excellent teaching that facilitates student learning and growth. CAT’s programs and resources support evidence-based teaching and provide opportunities for faculty and graduate student TAs to learn from the experience and expertise of their colleagues.

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Study Abroad Programs

Temple students can study abroad in almost any country through our exchanges, partnerships and programs with organizations around the world. The benefits of studying abroad are immense; the decision to study abroad will change your life more than any other part of your college experience. This is your opportunity to intern, live and study in another country for college credit. Where will Temple take you?