Your Temple University Anthropology degree isn’t just a piece of paper. It’s a collection of experiences, lessons and research that prepares you for your next stops in life. For some graduates, it’s even a reminder of their time studying abroad in India! Visit us today and learn why you should apply to Temple’s anthropology program.

What can I do with a degree in anthropology?

Majoring in anthropology trains students to develop marketable skills, including curating museum exhibitions and collections, conducting field research, creating documentaries and other visual productions, and engaging in laboratory analysis. Recently, our students have landed coveted internships and positions with the following employers.

  • The Anthropology Laboratory and Museum
  • AECOM, Burlington, NJ
  • National Park Service Archeology Lab
  • Hunter Research, Inc., Trenton, NJ
  • New Jersey State Museum
  • Academy of Natural Sciences

Study Abroad Programs

Temple students can study abroad in almost any country through our programs, exchanges and partnerships with organizations around the world. The benefits of studying abroad are immense; the decision to study abroad will change your life more than any other part of your college experience. This is your opportunity to live, study and intern in another country for college credit. Where will Temple take you?


  • Feb. 1: First-year application deadline for the fall semester
  • Feb. 1: FAFSA financial aid application deadline
  • Nov. 1: Transfer deadline for spring semester
  • June 1: Transfer deadline for fall semester