From business to law to journalism and everything in between, your options as an American Studies degree or minor graduate are many. Whether you intend to immediately begin your career or continue onto graduate school first, your Temple University education will help you get to where you want to be. Come visit us today and apply to the program as soon as you’re ready.


American Studies stresses the development of advanced-level reading, writing and analytical skills that are necessary for successful careers in various fields. Over the program’s 40-year history, people who have majored or minored in American Studies have gone on to business, medical, law, journalism, museum, civic, teaching and publishing careers. Our majors complete graduate school in the humanities and social sciences, law school and medical school. They take jobs and internships in schools, nonprofit organizations, museums, libraries, business, social services, public relations and the media. Our alumni tell us how valuable their American Studies educations continue to be and say that the knowledge and skills they learned with our faculty were instrumental when starting their careers.


  • February 1: Freshman Application Deadline for Fall Semester
  • February 1: FAFSA Financial Aid Application Deadline
  • November 1: Transfer Deadline for Spring Semester
  • June 1: Transfer Deadline for Fall Semester