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The Municipal Police Academy developed from Temple University's desire to train its own campus safety personnel. In 1968, the unit was formed with the task of creating a 350-hour training program for campus safety officers. (In later years they became the Temple University Campus Police.) In subsequent years, TUPA provided similar training services to other policing agencies. For example, between 1969 and 1980 CJTP provided 80 hours of training to every academy class graduating from the Philadelphia Police Department. In 1974 and 1975 the Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers’ Education and Training Commission was formed and two acts passed, Act 120 and Act 235. Temple University became certified by the commonwealth as a school/academy to administer these programs. Since that time, TUPA has provided basic training to municipal, transit, housing, park, capitol and campus police officers.

Applications are reviewed as they are received. For more information about applying online, contact or call 267-468-8600.

TUPA is now Accepting Applications for May 2024 (spring) and September 2024 (fall)!

To apply, please visit the Temple University Municipal Police Academy page. There, applicants should create a student profile and complete the Temple University Police Academy application, choosing either spring of 2024 or fall of 2024. Applicants do not have to collect all supporting documents prior to submitting the application. It is preferred they submit the online portion of the application as soon as they complete it. Students will receive an email from academy staff confirming receipt of the application, instructions on how to submit required documents, copies of required forms and information on when testing dates will be scheduled.

Next Classes 

  • 24-01: will begin May 5, 2024
  • 24-02 will begin October 7, 2024

All tests will begin at 0930 hours and applicants are to report to the 2nd floor of Haines House. For more information about applying online, you may email or to speak to someone in person, please call 267-468-8600.

Temple University Municipal Police Academy is offering to waive the academy application fee ($75.00) for current and recent graduates of Bucks County Community College and Penn State Abington. In hopes of making the police academy more accessible to all applicants, Temple University Police Academy is offering a limited payment plan on a case-by-case basis. In order to be considered for the waiver, the applicant must be able to provide proof of attendance within the past school year or of graduation.

Temple University Police Academy is a stand-alone academy and is not affiliated with Temple University Police Department. Attending the Temple Police Academy does not guarantee employment with the Temple University Police Department.

Jeff Nowak, Training Coordinator
Haines House; Rm 201
(267) 468-8600

Basic Requirements for Admission into the Academy

Basic Requirements

  • At least 20 years old at time of application, 21 yrs upon graduation
  • High School Diploma or GED
  • US Citizen
  • NO disqualifying criminal convictions (Misdemeanor 2 or higher)
  • Minimum 9th grade reading level
  • Physical examination
  • Drug test
  • Vision test
  • Hearing exam
  • Psychological examination (MMPI-2, MMPI-2RF, and MMPI-3 are all acceptable)
  • Physical Fitness Test