Temple University Criminal Justice Training Programs

Start your career in the Criminal Justice field with one of Temple's Criminal Justice Training Programs!

Temple University Criminal Justice Training Programs

Criminal Justice Training Programs (CJTP), a division of the Temple University Department of Criminal Justice, is an interdisciplinary unit that has conducted professional development programs for a variety of criminal justice agencies and occupations since 1968. Today, over 3,000 criminal justice professionals attend programs offered by CJTP each year including police officers, deputy sheriffs, state constables, legislative security officers, magisterial district court staff, school resource officers, park rangers and crime prevention specialists. Other activities include continuing education programs for agencies allied to the criminal justice system, and the development of curricula including distance-learning. For the latest news and developments, please see the announcements below.

New CJTP Course Offering

Temple University CJTP will be conducting a Method of Instructions course the week of Oct. 28. The class will be conducted at the Bucks County Public Safety Center and will meet Monday through Friday from 0800 to 1700 hours. This course is designed for current law enforcement officers who are tasked with conducting in-house training or who plan on becoming MPOETC instructors. Topics that will be covered include classroom management, understanding how different students learn in different ways and how to adapt as the instructor, writing and using lesson plans, use of different teaching tools and technology, and class preparation. For registration or questions, contact Rich Vona Bucks County Public Safety at rlvona@buckscounty.org.

Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program Update

The National Park Service has officially changed the name of the Seasonal Law Enforcement Training Program to Park Ranger Law Enforcement Academy. There are no changes to the academy—same requirements, same number of training hours, same curriculum. It will take some time to make the name change on digital media, paperwork, applications, etc. Please be patient while we make these updates. The park service also introduced a new academy emblem to reflect the name change.

If you have any questions, please contact the Director Anthony Luongo at anthony.luongo@temple.edu.