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Fall 2021 Colloquium Series

Professional Development Series

Media Relations for Researchers – September 9, 12:30pm-1:30pm

Taking your research public can be a daunting task, and engaging with the media can feel intimidating. In this webinar, we explore the ins and outs of media relations for researchers. We will discuss strategies for cultivating relationships with journalists as well as best practices for presenting your research in a clear and engaging manner. Speakers include Stephen Orbanek, Associate Director of Issues Management in Strategic Marketing and Communications, and journalist Fran Kritz. This event is being co-organized by the Center for Public Health Law Research (Beasley School of Law) and the Public Policy Lab (College of Liberal Arts).

Policy Roundtable Series

Hacked: Security and Safety in an Age of Cyber Threats – October 14, 12:30pm-1:50pm

In our digitally interconnected world, cybercrimes increasingly threaten our day-to-day lives. Ransomware attacks and data breaches have become persistent and pervasive risks for anyone and anything connected to the internet with our critical infrastructure and consumers primary targets. While many have embraced the ubiquity of digital technologies, public policy has been much slower to respond. In this panel we explore the risks and vulnerabilities of this digital policy gap and discuss what solutions might be explored to protect the public from cybercrimes. We will be joined by Leonard Bailey (Department of Justice), Victoria E. Beckman (Microsoft), Aunshul Rege (Department of Criminal Justice), and moderator Daniel Eliot (National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence).

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