Interview Series

Public Policy Lab Interviews are a series of conversations with experts on important policy issues. 

Race Inequality and the Student Debt Crisis (Spring 2021)

In this conversation, PPL Faculty Fellow Dr. Celeste Winston interviews Dr. Jalil Mustaffa Bishop about race inequality and the student debt crisis

Professional Development Series

The Public Policy Lab’s Professional Development Series provides training and resources to help policy researchers engage with lawmakers, practitioners, and the public.

Media Relations for Researchers (Fall 2021)

Taking your research public can be a daunting task, and engaging with the media can feel intimidating. In this webinar, we explore the ins and outs of media relations for researchers. We discuss strategies for cultivating relationships with journalists as well as best practices for presenting your research in a clear and engaging manner. Speakers include Stephen Orbanek, Associate Director of Issues Management in Strategic Marketing and Communications, and journalist Fran Kritz. This event was co-organized by the Center for Public Health Law Research (Beasley School of Law) and the Public Policy Lab (College of Liberal Arts). 

View the YouTube video for the PPL Professional Development Series - Media Relations for Researchers 

Policy Roundtable Series

For our Policy Roundtables, we bring together experts for a moderated discussion on a single policy issue.

Addressing the Housing Crisis (Spring 2021)

PPL's Spring 2021 Policy Roundtable was titled, "Addressing the Housing Crisis: Challenges and Innovations." We were delighted to bring together policymakers, scholars, and advocates to discuss the housing crisis and innovative solutions. PPL Director Judith Levine moderated a panel that included Anne Fadullon, Diana Lind, Samantha R. Porter, Vincent Reina, Sen. Nikil Saval, and Tayyib Smith. The panelists also contributed essays to the inaugural issue of The Lab Reportan e-magazine published by PPL.