Center Related Publications

  • Sorg, ET, Haberman, CP, Ratcliffe, JH, & Groff, ER (in press) Foot patrol in violent crime hot spots: Longitudinal impacts of deterrence and post treatment effects of displacement, Criminology. Read full draft of the article

  • Groff, ER, Johnson, L, Ratcliffe, JH & Wood, JD (in press) Exploring the relationship between foot and car patrol in violent crime areas, Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies and Management.

  • Haberman, C.P., & Ratcliffe, J.H. (2012). The predictive policing challenges of near repeat armed street robbery. Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice, 6(2): 151-166. Read a two-page summary of the article

  • Ratcliffe, JH, Taniguchi, T, Groff, E & Wood, J (2011) The Philadelphia Foot Patrol Experiment: A randomized controlled trial of police patrol effectiveness in violent crime hotspots, Criminology, 49(3): 795-831. Read a draft of the paper

  • Groff, ER (in press) Exploring ‘Near’: Characterizing the Spatial Extent of Drinking Place Influence on Crime. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology.

  • Taniguchi, TA, Ratcliffe, JH & Taylor, RB (2011) Gang set space, drug markets, and crime around drug corners in Camden, Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 48(3): 327-363.

  • Groff, E. R. and McCord, E. (in press) The Role of Neighborhood Parks as Crime Generators. Security Journal.

  • Ratcliffe, Jerry H. & Walden, Kyle (2010) State police and the intelligence center: A study of intelligence flow to and from the street. Journal of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts, 19(1): 1-19.

  • Ratcliffe, Jerry H. & Breen, Clairissa (2011). Crime diffusion and displacement: Measuring the side effects of police operations. Professional Geographer 63(2): 1-14.

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  • Taylor, R. B., Harris, P., Jones, P. R., Goldkamp, J. S., Weiland, D., Garcia, R. Marie, & McCord, Eric S. (2009). Short term changes in arrest rates influence short term changes in serious male delinquency prevalence. Criminology 47:3:657-695.

  • Ratcliffe, Jerry H., Taniguchi, Travis A., & Taylor, R. B. (2009). The crime reduction effects of public CCTV cameras: A multi-method spatial approach. Justice Quarterly 26:4:746-770.

Center Related Doctoral Dissertations

Travis A. Taniguchi, PhD
"Policing a negotiated world: An empirical assessment of the ecological theory of policing"
Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2010
Criminologist, Police Department, Redlands, CA
View a summary of this research project

Eric S. McCord, PhD
"Isolating opportunity from demographics: A case study of motor vehicle theft in Philadelphia"
Chaired by Jerry H. Ratcliffe, May 2010
Assistant Professor, University of Louisville, Louisville KY

Brian R. Wyant, PhD
"Micro-level spatio-temporal relationships between firearm arrests and shootings in Philadelphia: Implications for understanding of crime, time, place, and policing"
Chaired by Ralph B. Taylor, August 2010
Assistant Professor, LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA
View a summary of this research project

Brian Lockwood, PhD
"Too far to travel? An investigation of the effects of distance to community-based treatment programs for juvenile offenders"
Chaired by George F. Rengert, May 2010
Assistant Professor, Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ