Study Design & Methodology

ISR staff works with clients to design data collection efforts for qualitative and quantitative studies that involve human subjects research. We have experience in questionnaire development, semi-structured interview protocols for focus groups or interviews, cognitive testing of instruments for reading level and overall comprehension, and pilot testing for preexisting instruments. We also have experience with bilingual instruments, translation and back-translation. We work on cross-sectional and longitudinal data collection efforts as well as program evaluations.

Sampling Design & Recruitment

We help clients design the most efficient and cost-effective sample selection strategies, including probability-based designs such as dual-frame telephone and address-based sampling plans, as well as nonprobability-based designs such as convenience, snowball and intercept studies.

In addition, ISR owns and operates BeHeardPhilly, a multimode panel that includes 9,500+ Philadelphians who have opted in and agreed to be surveyed. Panel members have been recruited via probability and multiple non-probability methods. Panel members opt their preferred mode of response which includes phone, web and SMS, and they opt the number of times they are willing to be surveyed in a given year. We continue to grow the panel by targeting recruitment methods for hard to reach populations.

ISR uses a consultant sampling statistician for complex sampling designs, post-stratification weighting and computation of adjusted standard errors.

Data Collection

ISR is a full-service data collection shop and has as in-house 35-seat call center where we conduct computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI) using CASES. We also have experience with computer-assisted in-person interviewing (CAPI), and audio computer-assisted self-interviewing (ACASI). We have conducted mail, web, face-to-face field and SMS surveys. We specialize in multimode surveys and offer push-to-web options for all surveys. We can recruit subjects and run focus groups for any study and have experience in mock-jury research. In addition, we specialize in respondent tracking and tracing for longitudinal studies. ISR also has interactive voice recognition (IVR) capabilities.

Data Processing

ISR has data entry, coding and validation capabilities. We use in-house, high-quality digital recording and video equipment and use a third-party transcription service for interview and focus group audio files.

Analysis & Reporting

ISR can provide quantitative and qualitative data analyses, statistical modeling and reports. In-house we use SPSS, SAS and NVivo, and can refer consultation with Stata and R. Report graphics are generated with Tableau and dashboard technology Domo.

Information Technology

With a full-time systems engineer, ISR can provide database design and management, application design and development, medical and legal data extraction. Our data management plan can be found here. (insert link to our data management plan). In addition, ISR has developed a proprietary multi-mode panel management system that can be purchased via a SaaS license. Please contact us for more information.

Education & Outreach

Staff at ISR can provide customized research methods and data collection training workshops or guest lectures.