CHAT 2019-2020 Theme: Climate

In the 2019-2020 academic year, CHAT was pleased to welcome leading humanities scholars to Temple University to present their work on Climate.

Friday Sept 27, 4:00pm
Karen Pinkus (Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, Department of Romance Studies, Cornell University)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: “Thinking Decarbonization with Literature”

Tuesday Oct 15, 4:00pm
Jacob Shell (Department of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: "Giants of the Monsoon Forest: Climate, Forest Cover, and Elephant Culture in Myanmar (Burma) and Northeast India"

Friday Nov 1, 4:00pm
Ben Mendelsohn (Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities, University of Pennsylvania)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: “Documentary Experiments in Urban and Environmental Research”

Thursday Nov 14, 4:00pm
Kimberley Thomas (Department of Geography and Urban Studies, Temple University)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: "Weaponizing Vulnerability to Climate Change"

Friday Jan 31, 4:00pm
Deborah Coen (Department of History, Yale University)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: "The Floral Archive: Climate Change, History, and the Problem of Scale"

Monday Feb 10, 4:00pm
Alissa Jordan (Center for Experimental Ethnography, University of Pennsylvania)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: “Anti-Fatalist Futures: Haitian Vodou Lessons on Living Well in Global End Times"

Thursday Feb 20, 4:00pm
Lowell Duckert (Department of English, University of Delaware)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: "Cold Doings"

Dale Jamieson (Departments of Environmental Studies & Philosophy Director of Center for Environmental and Animal Protection, New York University)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: “The Misunderstood Risks of Climate Change”

Richard Watts (Department of French and Italian Studies, University of Washington)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: “Climate, Water, and the Humanities: Narratives of Reclamation in a Context of Catastrophe”

Nadia Chana (Department of Ethnomusicology, University of Wisconsin, Madison)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: “Song, Settlers, Salmon”

Gwen Robbins Schug (Department of Anthropology, Appalachian State University)
CHAT Climate Speaker Series: "Climate Change, Human Biocultural Diversity, and Resilience: What Can Studies of the Past Tell Us About the Future?"