Intellectual Heritage

Studying the humanities is paramount to any well-rounded college education. At Temple University, the College of Liberal Arts' Intellectual Heritage program is a pair of core humanities courses that all Temple undergraduates take. Students closely read fine works of literature from both the ancient and modern world, expanding their worldview and introducing them to college-level research and analysis skills.

Preparing Today’s Students, Tomorrow’s Citizens, for Lasting Learning and Engaged Lives

The College of Liberal Arts' Intellectual Heritage program is home of the liberal arts curriculum on which all Temple University educations are founded. No matter what their majors, Temple students come together in our two seminars to read and discuss ancient and modern literature that has shaped the ways people think and act–working together to interpret their historical significance, their relation to one another and their relevance today.

The Intellectual Heritage Program

214 Anderson Hall
114 Polett Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19122
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Program Director

Dustin Kidd
218 Gladfelter Hall

Senior Associate Director

Douglas Greenfield
219 Anderson Hall
(215) 629-6773


Emily Carlin
214 Anderson Hall
(215) 280-2135