The Department of English teaches students to read and write with clarity, precision and imagination by exploring linguistic practices and literary traditions in Britain, the United States and the English speaking world - with added attention to film, video and photography. English majors and minors acquire analytical and writing skills that can support a wide range of careers in cultural, financial and governmental institutions, as well non-government and profit organizations. A concentration in English can not only lead to advanced study in English literature and other academic fields, but can also prepare students to enter arts and public administration, business, law and politics, where their skills stand to make a difference.

Study English at the College of Liberal Arts

Literature, the practice of writing and the analysis of language foster attentiveness and mental agility by presenting us with complex perspectives on social and artistic movements, historical events, cultural phenomena and communication patterns.

Why Study English?

Powerful, persuasive writing, sharp analytic skills and creative, flexible thinking are essential abilities for tomorrow’s leaders and professionals. The English Department cultivates these abilities through the study of the literature, language and cultures of the United States, Britain, the English-speaking world and beyond.

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Department of English

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Katherine Henry
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Stephanie M. Morawski
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