What is knowledge? Reality? Existence? Morality? The College of Liberal Arts' Department of Philosophy pursues answers to the nature of these questions, conducting research and teaching courses to form theoretical knowledgebases. By formulating these theories, our students and faculty uncover insights into modern life in a globally connected information age.

The Philosophy Department offers undergraduates major and minor degrees as well as a separate pre-law track with related internships and a specific capstone course. Students study works of particular philosophers like Kant as well as schools of philosophy like empiricism. They tackle philosophical topics related to art, medical ethics, existentialism and feminism.

Philosophy is both broader and deeper in its scope than virtually any other discipline. Philosophy is the study of the most basic questions at the foundation of all other fields: What is the nature of reality? How can we distinguish right from wrong, and truth from falsehood? How should we organize society and act toward one another?

Furthermore, our student philosophers study how these basic questions manifest themselves as foundational issues within specific fields of inquiry. By studying philosophy, one gains the ability to think and analyze problems, both in great depth and great breadth. We teach our students to apply deep-level analysis across a range of fields - with practical applications in every industry.


Department of Philosophy

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Department Chair

Miriam Solomon
729 Anderson Hall
1114 Polett Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Belinda Wilson
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