Philosophy Degree Programs and Minor

Because Philosophy attempts to find the meaning in all things, its applications are many. Graduates learn to see important issues through critical lenses, challenging everything around them in life and their careers. They're equipped to form theories to help solve complex issues with government, society, law, medicine, business, the arts, science and more. The College of Liberal Arts offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs and a minor to foster this inquisitive nature in our students and teach them to harness it for the betterment of the world.

Undergraduates in our Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy degree program build a background for the further study of philosophy by establishing a foundation for various professions in business, government and professional schools. Philosophy minors, meanwhile, have their understanding of the world expanded through their education.

For graduate students, our Philosophy master's degree program fine tunes their global perspective by encouraging them to ask even more complex questions about the nature of the world they occupy and their place in it. And Philosophy PhD students explore the depths of knowledge attainable in the field of philosophy by applying a philosophical lens to issues that are of particular interest to them.