Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Degrees and Minor

CLA's Criminal Justice students learn about why a fair and effective criminal justice system is paramount to ensuring the safety and protecting the ideals of a democratic society. But your studies will go deeper than just how best to meter out justice. Students also learn how society is affected by crimes and criminal punishments, and you'll explore how to affect change and deliver justice equitably for every societal group.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree fosters an understanding of the nature of crime and the effectiveness and fairness of society's efforts to prevent and control it. Standout students also have the chance to earn an advanced degree on an accelerated timeline with our five-year bachelor's and master's program. Alternatively, CLA students majoring in other subjects can choose to add a Criminal Justice minor and learn about the nature of crime, criminals and criminal law.

At the graduate level, Criminal Justice master's degree students conduct in-depth studies to gain an advanced knowledge of the criminal justice system. And Criminal Justice PhD students go even further, leading cutting-edge research into the criminal justice system and how the decisions made by law enforcement and prosecution reverberate throughout society.