COVID-19 CLA Resources

Temple University offers resources that make transitioning to online course delivery relatively simple, allowing instructors to maintain instruction and keep students actively engaged in courses when a physical presence on campus is not possible.

The purpose of this guide is to make instructors aware of the options and opportunities offered by online resources to ensure students are still receiving a quality educational experience despite the change in format.

During this disruption, it is important to be flexible.  Faculty are not necessarily familiar with teaching online and students may not be used to taking online courses, so things like computer access, system requirements, reliable access to the internet, physical health and safety concerns, and other related issues will come up and must be handled on a case by case basis. This format will initially be a heavy time commitment. Clear communication is key for a successful changeover.  Communicate with your students regularly and discuss concerns with your department chairperson and/or dean’s office to determine the best course of action.

The University has set up a page for online teaching resources, advice and support. That can be found here. This site will address Canvas set up and using Zoom for your classes.

Additional advice and help with Canvas can be found on the CLA support site.

This resource is available year-round to any instructor in CLA classes on any campus or online.  Those who aren’t able to access this site should write to Dr. Keith Gumery to be added to it.

Please contact the following people for issues pertaining to departmental or program specific questions or concerns:

African American Studies
Chair: Molefi Asante
CANVAS liaison/designee: Nah Dove

Chair: Paul Farnsworth
CANVAS liaison/designee: Kim Williams

Asian & Middle Eastern Languages & Studies
Chair: Barbara Thornbury
CANVAS liaison/designee: Shuchen Susan Huang

Criminal Justice
Chair: Cathryn-Jo Rosen
CANVAS liaison/designee: Jerry Ratcliffe

Chair: William Stull
CANVAS liaison/designee: Mike Leeds, Dimitrios Diamantaras, William Newman, Shreyasee Das

Chair: Katherine Henry
CANVAS liaison/designee: Roland Williams

First Year Writing
Director: Rachael Groner
CANVAS liaison/designee: Cate Almon

French, German, Italian and Slavic
Chair: Cristina Gragnani
CANVAS liaison/designee: Carmelo Galati

Gender Sexuality and Women's Studies
Director: Heath Fogg Davis
CANVAS liaison/designee: Brad Windhauser

Geography and Urban Studies
Chair: Melissa Gilbert
CANVAS liaison/designee: Charles Kaylor

Global Studies
Director: Mark Pollack
CANVAS liaison/designee: Mark Pollack

Greek and Roman Classics
Chair: Robin Mitchell-Boyask
CANVAS liaison/designee: Jackie Neel

Chair: Jay Lockenour
CANVAS liaison/designee: Jay Lockenour

Intellectual Heritage
Director: Dustin Kidd
CANVAS liaison/designee: Sheryl Sawin

Director: Debra Bangasser
CANVAS liaison/designee: Lalain Williams, Andy Karpinski, Pete James, Alison Baren, Tom Olino, Pam Shapiro, David Waxler, Bob Weisberg

Chair: Kristin Gjesdal
CANVAS liaison/designee: Paul Crowe

Political Science
Chair: Robin Kolodny
CANVAS liaison/designee: Sean Yom

Chair: Peter Marshall
CANVAS liaison/designee: Lalain Williams, Andy Karpinski, Pete James, Alison Baren, Tom Olino, Pam Shapiro, David Waxler, Bob Weisberg

Public Policy
Director: Gary Mucciaroni
CANVAS liaison/designee: Gary Mucciaroni

Chair: Terry Rey
CANVAS liaison/designee: Marcus Bingenheimer

Chair: Kim Goyette
CANVAS liaison/designee: Kim Goyette

Spanish and Portuguese
Chair: Montserrat Piera
CANVAS liaison/designee: Joshua Pongan