Meet Our Staff

Your life's work starts here at Temple's College of Liberal Arts, where our own life's work shines. If you have a question about anything from the College's programs to its research to technology or anything else, you'll find the right staff member to help you right here. Please reach out to us with any questions.

Office of the Dean

The office of the dean is responsible for providing leadership and oversight for all undergraduate and graduate educational, curricular, and student affairs matters and is responsible for ensuring the quality of all students’ academic experience. The various units housed in the dean's office interact with the college’s department chairs, program directors, staff, students, and other entities across the university to advance undergraduate and graduate education and to ensure that departmental, collegial and university academic policies and procedures are followed.

Richard Deeg
1228 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-7747

Hiram Aldarondo
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
1226 Anderson Hall 
(215) 204-6923

Sandra Suarez
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Professor of Political Science

Annette McMenamin Bakley
Senior Vice Dean for Undergraduate Affairs
1249 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-3625

Kevin M. Glass
Senior Vice Dean for Finance/Administration
1231 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-7743

Christopher Marc Wolfgang
Assistant Dean, Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development
Paley Library
1210 Polett Walk, Suite 160
(215) 204-8662

Anne Eckert
Executive Assistant to the Dean
1238 Anderson Hall

Amanda (Mandy) Gibson
Director of Academic Administration
UG Grievance Officer

1215 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-8504

Amy Defibaugh
Director, Graduate Affairs
1216 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-5936

Michelle Bonilla
Assistant Director, Events
1239 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-7009

Heather Lewis-Weber
Senior Coordinator, Community Engagement
(215) 204-3361

Mary L. Longs
Office Manager
1225 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-1247

Contact Mary to talk about college and university business for the dean, scheduling meetings (including reserving space in 1221 and 1235 Anderson Hall), correspondence and adjunct appointments.


The Office of Research in the College of Liberal Arts exists to promote and support high quality research and scholarship by faculty members and students. The Office serves to nurture a climate conducive to research by disseminating internal and external funding opportunities, assisting in proposal construction and submission, post-award administration, and training faculty and students in the implementation and administration of their grants. We highly encourage creative, entrepreneurial, and interdisciplinary efforts by faculty and students in the College of Liberal Arts.

Kimberly Fahey
Director of Research Administration
1243 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-3367

Julia Erlanger
Research Administrator
1248 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-5895

Faculty Affairs

The Office of Faculty Affairs assists departmental chairpersons, faculty, and staff with strategic academic planning, faculty recruitment and hiring, tenure and promotion processes, merit processes, sabbaticals, faculty awards, and other aspects of faculty development.

Our office is here to help you with all of these processes. We also run the annual faculty orientation programs within the College of Liberal Arts designed to welcome new faculty to the college.

Faye Richardson
Director of Faculty Affairs
1244 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-6242

Finance and Administration

The Office of Finance and Operations is responsible for the development and implementation of University fiscal policies, accounting procedures, internal control mechanisms and financial systems. We prepare all official external financial reports, and process all accounts payable transactions. We provide leadership and expertise as a university resource on financial information, business practices, and related regulatory issues.

The Office of Finance and Operations also oversees administration for the Office of Research.

Kevin M. Glass
Senior Vice Dean, Finance
1231 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-7743

Stephanie Tschanz
Associate Director, Finance & Administration
1247 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-3744

Cori Haas
Assistant Director, Finance & Administration
1229 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-6916

Department Administrators

History; Religion; Center for the Humanities at Temple; Public Policy Lab

Yvonne Muchemi
Manager, Administration

Geography and Urban Studies; Center for Sustainable Communities 

Vicki Giammarco
Sr. Manager, Administration
(215) 204-7692

Criminal Justice

Joseph DelMastro
Manager, Administration
(215) 204-1376

Anthropology; Political Science; Global Studies; Sociology

Jessica Brennan
Manager, Administration
(215) 204-7577

Africology and African American Studies; Economics; Philosophy

Belinda Wilson
Manager, Administration
(215) 204-0472

English & First Year Writing Program; Liberal Studies; American Studies; Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Stephanie Morawski
Manager, Administration
(215) 204-8516

Intellectual Heritage

Emily Carlin
Manager, Administration
(215) 204-3177


Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Studies; Asian Studies; French, German, Italian, and Slavic; Greek and Roman Classics; Latin American Studies; Spanish and Portuguese

Michelle Xu
Manager, Administration
(215) 204-5628

Psychology; Neuroscience

Veronica Holloway
Senior Administrator
(215) 204-2644


The development office helps reconnect alumni with the college while helping to raise funds essential to continuing our mission of educating the next generation of leaders. Our office is here to help guide you through the giving process, whether you would like to send a check to support the annual fund or you are considering including Temple in your estate planning.

Development staff members enjoy planning and hosting the events that bring you back to campus and reconnect you with your classmates. Our office handles invitations and RSVPs for a variety of events on campus and throughout the city.

Patrick Daley
Assistant Dean of Development
(215) 204-7845

Ashley Stahl
Assistant Director of Development
(215) 204-2749

Yolanda Mobley
Assistant Director of Stewardship
(215) 204-9153

Alexis Ruffino
Major Gifts Officer
(215) 204-6050

Blake Piper
Major Gifts Officer
(215) 204-5449

Melody Tschanz
Development Associate

External Affairs

External Affairs works to make available to elected officials and civic leaders in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Washington D.C. the college’s intellectual resources, including faculty research and graduate and undergraduate student interns. The office serves as an important liaison between the university, community and governments on all levels with respect to public policy issues and questions that might benefit from scholarly research and analysis.

Office of Marketing and Communications 

The Office of Communications and Enrollment Strategy is a full-service content, design, public relations and marketing agency that provides a suite of services to help stakeholders throughout the college reach their audiences and increase visibility.

Our experienced writers, designers and Web developers oversee all college news, promotion, marketing and email campaigns, as well as Web and print communications for students, faculty, staff and parents. We also serve as consultants to college leadership to help deliver publications on time and on-message.

Rosemary Fahmie
Senior Director of Marketing & Communications
845 Anderson Hall

Camille V. Elliott
Senior Associate Director of Marketing & Communications
843 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-6210

Zac McGroarty
Creative Director
846 Anderson Hall
(215) 201-6258

Chelsea Pro
847 Anderson Hall

Nick Santangelo
Web Content Manager
848 Anderson Hall 

Meghan Kiernan
Marketing Specialist
840 Anderson Hall

Enrollment Strategy

The Office of Enrollment Management leads and coordinates college-wide initiatives focused on undergraduate student recruitment and enrollment. We collaborate with individuals across Temple to support the college’s goals for continuing student success. We are responsible for the College of Liberal Arts campus visit experience for prospective undergraduate students and their families and oversee the CLA Student Ambassador program.

Emma Irvin
Associate Director, Enrollment Management
1214 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-2072

Darvin Martin
Assistant Director, Enrollment Management
1213 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-3228

Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology provides a comprehensive array of technology and technology support for students, faculty and staff of the College of Liberal Arts.

George Arcarola
Senior Technical Support Specialist

Chris Frangicetto
Technical Support Specialist

Marc Getty
Sr. Director, Facilities & IT

Rodney T. Holloway
Evening Manager

Cyril Ireland
Manager, Classroom Support

Mike Landi
Lead Software Developer

Lido Paglia
Director, Infrastructure & Support

Ben Peters
Senior Technical Support Specialist

Crystal Schulz
Manager, Technical Support

Jonathan Todd
Manager, Technical Support

Affiliated Staff:

Steven Leopold
Senior Technical Support Specialist
(215) 204-3944

William Eagan
Senior Technical Support Specialist
(215) 204-3944