College of Liberal Arts 2019-20 Ambassadors

Justin Cruz
Major(s)/Minor(s): Junior, Psychology

Currently a Junior, Justin Cruz is a Psychology Major interested in Human Resources, transfer students, and professional development. He loves being an ambassador because of the opportunities to network   with faculty and staff, and also because he gets the chance to speak with prospective students. He understands, from personal experience, that being a transfer student can be nerve-wracking; being able to share his own experiences with incoming students and show them what the College of Liberal Arts has to offer is always a great feeling!

Hobbies: Spending time with family, playing video games, and reading books.


Jackie Golden
Major(s)/Minor(s): Junior, Political Science and Global Studies Major, with a Certificate in Spanish and in the Masters of Public Policy Accelerated Program

Jackie’s interests are in Healthcare Policy, Education Policy, International Relations, and elections. Outside of those, she is the Treasurer for the Temple University Club Field Hockey Team, a member of the Therapeutic Art Club, a member of Cherry Crusade, and the Deputy Campaign Manager for Isaiah Thomas for City Council At-Large. She loves being an ambassador because she really enjoys the opportunity to talk to families and prospective students about all of the great opportunities the College of Liberal Arts has to offer. Searching for the right university as a high school student was a super frustrating process for her, so having the chance to help students in her same position figure out how Temple could be a good fit is really rewarding.

Hobbies: Field hockey, going into the city with friends, playing card games, and listening to podcasts.

Jarryd Kainz
Major(s)/Minor(s): Senior, Political Science

Jarryd has a keen interest in Middle Eastern politics, specifically as it relates to the Kurds of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran, as well as experimental political science. He works as a Peer Advisor at the Center for Academic Advising & Professional Development. Throughout his time in CLA, he’s engaged in a number of experiential learning opportunities, including the Diamond Peer Teaching program, the Diamond Research Scholars program, and an internship at City Hall; he would recommend all of these opportunities to any CLA student! As a CLA ambassador, he enjoys sharing his experiences at Temple and in CLA with incoming students so they can learn about the many great resources and opportunities available to them and make the most out of their time.

Hobbies: Hiking, listening to new music, cooking, and going to concerts.

Yashira M. Ocasio
Major(s)/Minor(s): Junior, Honors Program, Political Science and Philosophy double major on a Pre-Law track

Yashira is very interested in Criminal and Constitutional Law, International Relations, American Foreign Policy, and Criminal Justice Reform. She is also a member of the Pre-Law Society. Yashira loves being an ambassador because she gets the opportunity to help prospective students and their families navigate the college decision-making process and discover how Temple and more specifically the College of Liberal Arts would be an amazing fit. It is extremely gratifying for her to be able to relieve some of the familiar stress from parents and students in this important time in their lives. 

Hobbies: Reading, listening to different kinds of music, travel, and watching movies.