BA+ MPP in Public Policy

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) Plus One (+1) program allows promising students to complete undergraduate and MPP degree's in five years. Normally, completing each degree separately takes six years. You can apply for the accelerated degree program as a junior or senior.

Admissions Process

If you are admitted as a junior, you will take four 3-credit courses (12 credits total) as an undergraduate and take the remaining 24 credits as a full-time MPP student in the summer following graduation and during your +1 year. If you enter the +1 program as a senior, you will take three 3-credit courses (9 credits total) in your final year as an undergraduate and the remaining 27 credits after as a full-time MPP student during the summer following graduation and your Plus 1 year.

As an added bonus, the MPP credits you take as an undergraduate count toward both your graduate and bachelor’s degree. All required MPP courses and select electives are held at the Center City campus in the evenings.

Program of Study

Students who enroll in their junior year would take the following sequence of courses (four courses at three credits equals twelve credits):

Junior Year:
Fall Semester- Statistics for Public Policy
Spring Semester- Policymaking Process

Senior Year:
Fall Semester- Economic Decisions for Public Policy, Policy Analysis
Spring Semester- None

Students who enroll in their senior year would take the following sequence  of courses (three courses at three credits equals nine credits):

Senior Year:
Fall Semester- Statistics and Economic Decisions for Public Policy
Spring Semester- Policymaking Process

Capital Semester in Harrisburg or Washington DC

The Washington Semester and the Pennsylvania Capital Semester provides you an opportunity to gain valuable career experience in the nation’s capital, while remaining a full-time student. If you are accepted into the +1 accelerated degree program, your MPP internship requirement is fulfilled by your semester or summer in Washington/Harrisburg by registering for PLCY 5085. In addition, if you participate in the Capital Semester program, you must make up the required MPP course you would take at Temple during your +1 year.

Application Requirements

You may apply to the program as a junior after you’ve earned 45 credits toward your bachelor’s degree. If you are accepted, you will take an MPP course each of the remaining four semesters as an undergraduate. If you want to enter the program as a senior, apply once you have earned 75 credits or more toward your bachelor’s degree. As a successful applicant, you are officially admitted to the MPP program effective in the Summer session after you graduate with your bachelor’s degree. You are not required to take the GRE exam or to take any particular courses or course of study as perquisites for admission.

  • Overall undergraduate GPA of at least 3.5 or higher
  • Resume
  • Personal statement that addresses your goals in the + 1 program, followed by a meeting with the MPP Director to discuss your suitability.
  • Complete application form
  • Approval to enter the program from the Director of the MPP program
  • Proof that you are able to devote 9 credits as “free electives” if you are admitted as a senior (or 12 credits if you enter as juniors) outside of your undergraduate major or you are permitted to count specific MPP courses towards your major requirements, or some combination (PLCY 8118, PLCY 8119 and PLCY 8001 qualify for the BA and MPP for Political Science majors)

Begin by completing the application form for the Plus 1 program and submit it to the MPP Assistant Director. After the MPP Director approves your initial application, you should contact the designated advisor for +1 programs in your college. Wait to hear from us before submitting the rest of the required documents and asking references to submit letters of recommendation. Submit all materials to with “Plus 1 Admissions” in the subject line.