BA in Criminal Justice + MA in Criminal Justice

Students admitted to this program begin taking graduate courses along with their undergraduate curriculum in their last three undergraduate semesters. They then complete the remaining requirements of a MA in Criminal Justice in the subsequent year. Up to 9 credits of graduate work may count for both the Bachelor's and Master's degree programs; these are used as Criminal Justice major electives in the undergraduate degree. Eligible students have a minimum 3.5 overall GPA and will have completed 83 credits of their overall program by the time they are admitted to this program in the spring of their Junior year. Students must have completed the following courses to be considered for this program: CJ 1001CJ 2401CJ 2597 (formerly CJ 2601), and CJ 2602.

Eligible students will receive notification at the end of their Sophomore year and applications will be accepted until September 30th of their Junior year.