New Student FAQ

When will I be assigned an advisor?

You will meet with an academic advisor from the College of Liberal Arts when you attend your on-campus orientation session before the start of the semester. You are not assigned a specific advisor, and any member of the advising staff will be able to assist you. However, you are welcome to meet with the same advisor throughout the year, if that is your preference.

When will I get to pick my classes?

You will have the opportunity to meet with an academic advisor and make your schedule when you attend an on-campus orientation. New transfer students must first complete an online orientation before coming to campus. Check your TUportal account for more information and to sign up for an orientation.

When will I get my final credit evaluation from AP classes or a previous institution?

Admissions will process and post your transfer credits upon receipt of your final, official transcript. You will learn about how your transfer credits satisfy degree requirements at New Student Orientation. Please follow-up with your academic advisor in the fall regarding any additional transfer credits, and be sure to send all final, official AP/IB/college transcripts to Temple as soon as they become available.

When should I start thinking about study abroad, and whom should I meet with?

The sooner you start thinking about studying abroad, the easier it will be help you plan for your trip while still ensuring you are on track to graduate on time. You can speak to your academic advisor as early as your first semester at Temple and they will help you explore your options.

Are there any required general education classes I have to take, and how do I pick them?

Yes. Your GenEd curriculum and course options will be reviewed at New Student Orientation.

How do I change my major, or add a second major or minor?

If you would like to change your major to a different major within the College of Liberal Arts, you can speak to an advisor when you come for orientation. Once the semester starts, you can meet with an advisor to discuss your options for a double major and minor to ensure you are making progress toward a timely graduation.

How do I find out about internships, and what is the earliest I can apply?

You will be introduced to our Professional Development staff at Orientation. We encourage you to speak with them about your interests and take advantage of our 1-credit Career Seminar course.

How often should I see an advisor?

You should aim to meet with your advisor at least once per semester to remain in the Fly in 4 program, but you can meet with an academic advisor as often as you’d like.

I am thinking about Pre-Law – is there a special advisor for that?

While you can major in any subject and apply to graduate school, we recommend you meet with one of our Pre-Law advisors during your first semester to learn more. You can contact Dr. Paul Crowe (