History - MA

Our department is internationally renowned for the study of military history, environmental history, transnational history, diplomatic history, cultural history, early American history and recent United States history. Our master's program is designed to provide graduate students with a strong foundation in historical knowledge and the methods of historical research. The program prepares students for doctoral programs or provides enrichment opportunities for teachers in secondary schools, students hoping to pursue a master's degree in history and professionals in various fields. Philadelphia is a rich public history environment with numerous opportunities for internships and fieldwork.

Public History Concentration

We also offer an MA in history with a concentration in public history, which provides training in museum and historic site management, digital history, historical interpretation, and community history. Our students intern in the shadow of Independence Hall, wander the back rooms of our nation’s oldest museums and explore new possibilities for digital pasts at some of the most historically significant sites in the United States. We train historians to work wherever they are needed–from house museums to the halls of government–and to be particularly mindful of community, collaborative practice, and the fraught politics of shared memory.

MA students in Temple’s 2-year public history track choose from a variety of advanced graduate courses in American history accompanied by specialized public history courses. Every public history course is built around a significant community-engagement project, and and every student acquires real-world experience through a host of internships hosted throughout the Philadelphia area.