Geography and Urban Studies - Professional Science Master’s in Geographic Information Systems - PSM

Pursue advanced training in geographic information systems (GIS), a rapidly growing field with applications across many areas. Our program combines technical training in GIS with business, ethics, and professional development to prepare students to enter the workforce.”. The program curriculum incorporates real-world experiences through project-based learning and an internship capstone requirement. Graduates will be well prepared to pursue certification as a GIS professional (GISP).

The primary goal of the program is to graduate students who are competitive on the GIS job market for an array of GIS-related jobs in industry, government, and non-profit organizations based on their conceptual understanding and practical skills in GIS, professional development, and understanding of the field of GIS. Additional specific program outcomes include

• Solid grasp of fundamental GIS concepts, as well as cutting edge and recent trends in GIS

• Preparation to become a certified geographic information systems professional (GISP)

• In-depth understanding of GIS ethics and ethical practices in business

• Strong communication skills for everyday interactions and professional presentations

• Understanding of recent trends in the GIS profession (e.g. demand for GIS practitioners)

• Ability to work independently and in teams

• Leadership and management skills