Join a community of over 650 inquisitive and engaged graduate students matriculating in 13 different academic programs. From psychology and philosophy to English and economics, we offer research opportunities with our acclaimed faculty, as well as the personalized advising and development programs you need to put your degree to work after graduation.

Africology and African American Studies

We teach the theoretical and practical issues confronting African people, providing an intellectual arena for students to critically examine the experiences, traditions and dynamics of people of African descent.

Our PhD program explores the historical experiences of the African people and will teach you to contribute effective analysis and interpretation of the people's past, present and future.


Our highly selective PhD program is committed to producing doctorates in anthropology who are well prepared for professional careers in academia, government, non-profit organizations or the private sector.

Creative Writing

Work closely with faculty to develop your craft through small workshops, one-on-one tutorials and special topics in creative writing and literature.

Criminal Justice

We offer a master’s degree in criminal justice for students interested in an in-depth study of the criminal justice system at the graduate level.

Our PhD program focuses on in-depth study of the criminal justice system and understanding the relationship between crime and society.


The master’s degree in economics will help you understand contemporary economic theory and its application to problems in industry, business and government.

The PhD in economics will prepare you to teach or research in university settings, or for an economist position in government business and industry. The program emphasizes the development of advanced research and scholarship in areas of applied economics.


Our graduate program is highly regarded for its teaching, research and innovation.

Study with a well-respected faculty that is uniquely productive in both emerging and traditional areas of literary scholarship.

Environmental Studies

Learn the fundamentals of geographic information systems with our graduate certificate program.

Pursue advanced training in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a rapidly growing field with applications across many areas.

Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies

Explore central concepts of feminist theory with our graduate certificate.

Geography and Urban Studies

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a rapidly growing field with applications across many areas. Our 12-credit graduate certificate in GIS is open to all students who have completed an undergraduate degree.

Our program will prepare you for careers in academia, community organizing, social change, economic development, environmental management, geographic systems management and public administration.

Our program combines advanced training in GIS in core and high-demand GIS skills with professional development to prepare students to enter the GIS workforce.

Our integrative doctoral program gives students a strong analytical foundation and stresses spatial relations, scale transitions, place and context and societal relations.


A master’s in history covers a range of historical subjects and time periods.

Get your PhD in a vibrant, engaged and intellectual community of scholars and students in Philadelphia.

Liberal Studies

We offer a master's of liberal arts (MLA) that allows students to take courses from a variety of graduate programs within the College of Liberal Arts and elsewhere in the university. Students are encouraged to develop an individual program of study based on their own interests and objectives and at the direction of the program director.


Our MS in Neuroscience program is an affordable, full-time degree designed to create exceptional scientists and communicators of neuroscience.

The certificate in neuroscience is for PhD students interested in studying neuroscience in any department of the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Health Professions, College of Engineering, College of Science and Technology, and School of Medicine other than biology, pharmacology, physical therapy, and psychology.

Our specialization program for PhD students will teach you to facilitate multidisciplinary interactions among faculty and students interested in neuroscience.


Our MA program extends the breadth of students’ education and shapes their understanding of the world.

Our PhD program emphasizes the depth of knowledge in philosophy through work on issues of interest to the student.

Political Science

Our master's program will prepare you for a career in academia and emphasizes training for research and teaching.

Our MPP program trains students and practitioners who seek successful careers in the public sector or in private or non-profit organizations that work on a continuous basis with government agencies.

Our PhD program will prepare you for a career in academia and emphasizes training students for research and teaching.


The 4+1 Master’s in psychological research offers outstanding Temple University psychology majors the opportunity to earn both the B.A. in psychology and the M.S. in psychological research in just five years.

We offer a PhD in psychology with four unique concentrations in clinical psychology, developmental psychology, brain and cognitive sciences and social psychology.


Our master’s degree offers the opportunity for in-depth study of global religious traditions.

Our PhD program allows students perform in-depth study of the religions of the world.


Our master's program is devoted to the training of research scholars and educators in the discipline.

Our PhD program is devoted to the training of research scholars and educators in the discipline.


Our master's program integrates literature and linguistics and prepares students for the pursuit of the PhD.

Our PhD program integrates literature and linguistics and trains students for careers in academia.